Understand how Google Anthos Local works

Understand how Google Anthos Local works

We are writing about a number of features that Google Cloud makes available to its customers. And today we’ll be talking a little more about how Anthos technology works on local servers, where cloud functionality makes performance even better.

Anthos is deployed on VMware, where through this system it is possible to enjoy Kubernetes technology and also the cloud in a local data center.

Through it you will be able to enjoy the whole experience provided by Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). And you may be asking yourself, “This must be very difficult to do”, but the answer is the opposite, the installation is very simple, managed, fast and counts all the upgrades valid by Google.

Anyone who is concerned with management, know that Anthos in a network is present in the Google Cloud Console, through a unified version aimed at the good management of clusters, regardless of whether the environments are local or cloud.

How the Cloud has changed companies.

Anthos Local and the Kubernetes experience

It is necessary to keep the environments synchronized, both in the Operating System, the execution environment and the Kubernetes add-on. This should all be in line with the Anthos implemented in the local VMware or cloud.


By keeping the latest versions of Kubernetes and security patches, you are completely free from any problems by attacks. Google itself recommends that updates be made
constantly so that there is no problem in your applications.

All security patches are thoroughly evaluated for Google.

But don’t worry, when updates are being made, your activities shouldn’t be offline.

Managing multiple clusters

All Kubernetes Engine clusters can be monitored, managed and also have their policy executed both in a local environment and in the cloud through the Google Cloud Console.

Available resource options

Among the options available at Anthos Local are:

  • Identity management. Control access to the cluster through a local identity provider or through Cloud Identity;
  • Safer connection. The connection to the local cluster is made securely through the Google Cloud Platform. This can be done without having to program complex VPNs;
  • Security and compliance. When Anthos is deployed on VMware, there are several integrated and fully protected components, including the Operating System (OS), container execution environment, connection cloud and also Kubernetes;
  • Integrated record generation and monitoring. The system can be debugged locally with Prometheus in the cluster. It is possible to do a similar function with Stackdriver Logging. Monitor your metrics through Stackdriver Monitoring, without any changes;
  • Application support. Anthos implemented on VMware is not only compatible with 12-factor applications. But it is possible to attach permanent container storage or host your complete database;
  • Faster and more constant versions. With Google Cloud Build you will be able to deploy the containers in the local Kubernetes Engine clusters or in the cloud;
  • Portability. Anthos Local executes Kubernetes accordingly. It is also possible to port the workload to other Kubernetes platforms, both in the local environment and in the cloud;
  • Multiple panel. The Google Cloud Dashboard offers several options for the administration of clusters of different projects and resources. You will be able to view, manage, inspect and even delete resources in clusters through GCP.

Anthos Local Price

The price is based on a monthly subscription service, that is, per period.

Cloud for your company, growing very fast!

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