learn more about the google kubernetes

Learn more about the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

The Cloud world has made a revolution in the last decade, mainly with the development of small, medium and large companies. That’s because today there is no need to invest millions in a physical technology structure, corporations like Google do it for you.

Google Cloud has several services in this regard and one of them is the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). This is a managed production environment for deploying applications to containers.

GKE is current and provides developers with the best in innovations, automated operations, open source flexibility and, above all, efficiency of the resources used.

Although few know about it, Kubernetes was launched in 2015. It was based on the operations of YouTube and Gmail, which operated in containers for over 12 years.

How the Cloud has changed companies!


The system leaves everything optimized and ready for use. It tends to make a company’s IT area much easier, since its implementation, resource management and updating is very simple.

In addition to stateless applications, GKE also runs permanent storage and a database in the cluster.

You only need to describe the computing, storage and memory resources for the application containers. From then on Kubernetes will provide all the resources of the cloud automatically.

It also offers a hardware accelerator, which makes it easier to run Machine Learning, GPUs, high performance computing and other options that can help speed up specific hardware.

High Availability

Have a controlled environment through the integrated Kubernets dashboard in Google Cloud. The ease and interaction of these systems allow the verification and replacement of applications that are stuck or that are failing in deployments.

Container replication, repairs and automatic monitoring, make you have a highly available system, without any interruption to the end user.

All clusters, computing resources, storage and networks are constantly monitored by Google engineers. Therefore, your team of developers need only be concerned with applications.

Automatic scheduling

The Kubernetes Engine has automatic scheduling, offering greater demand for services, making them available whenever you need them. The system offers provisioning for both increases and the reduction of resources for losses. You explore all the options and don’t pay for leftovers.

Google network always safe

You can connect to the cluster and isolate it whenever you need it. You can do this and other actions using the Google Cloud virtual private cloud. Every operation offers several layers of protection for the containers.

Cloud for your company, growing very fast!

Greater virtual mobility

The Kubernetes Engine offers portability between cloud and local server. This is because it operates in certified environments, which does not leave you stuck with suppliers.

Whenever necessary, you can take your application out of GKE and run it in another environment that is compatible with Kubernetes, including local servers.

You can also customize the integrations.

Migrate for Anthos

With this tool you can move and convert your workloads into Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) containers. You can direct them to physical servers and also VMs, through the Compute Engine or in other clouds.

Transform your infrastructure in a very easy way, because the Migrate for Anthos app is available free of charge for this platform.

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