Everything about Google Cloud Functions

Everything about Google Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions is an event-driven serverless computing platform. It is one of the simplest ways to run your code in the cloud, bringing great benefits to your company.

The functions provide automatic scheduling, being available at all times and super tolerant to failures that may occur.

It is a system that ends up dispensing with patching, server updates, management and even provisioning. You will only pay when the code is running on the platform.

Other advantages of Cloud Functions are the connectivity and expansion of cloud services, the back ends of serverless applications, mobile devices, IoT and integration with third party services or APIs.

With regard to data processing, it is done in real time, both from files, streams and extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) oriented to events.

Its applications rely on intelligent technologies, equipped with virtual assistants, chatbots, sentiment analysis, video, image and much more.

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Google Cloud Functions, has its agility due to creation systems that make up small independent functionalities, where its combination makes a single task to be executed with mastery.

It allows the creation and deployment of services in a single role and not just in applications, VMs or entire containers.

Key features of Cloud Functions

Among the available resources are:

  • There is no server management;
  • Automatic scheduling;
  • Payment only for the code in execution;
  • Execution of codes in response to events;
  • Open and familiar;
  • Connecting and expanding cloud services.

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