Signing in to the Gsuite Admin console

Signing in to the Gsuite Admin console

Now to login to your Gsuite account you need to have an administrator account. This was created to make life and security easier for administrators who are responsible for managing Google accounts at a company or any other organization.

Remembering that these actions are only for those who manage these services or Google devices through Gsuite. For anyone using a non-business account (, you need to access the Help Center in your Google account.

What is the Google Cloud Compute Engine?

Manager account

Only those who have access to an administrator account can log in to the Google Admin console. This is the dashboard where Google services can be managed for everyone in a corporate environment.

How do I log in to the Gsuite Admin Console?

Through Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or any other browser, as long as you have an administrator account, access:

  • Then click on “Add Account”;
  • Then on the login page, enter your email address and password for the administrator account (it ends in @yourbusiness and not in @gmail);
  • Perhaps during the login more than one account will be displayed, click on the one that does not end in @gmail.

You are now logged in and can start managing users and services.

What are the benefits of the administrator account?

An administrator account allows you to have access to manage services for others in a corporate environment. Only with your login is it possible to access the Google Admin console.

Also remember that it is possible to switch accounts on a single computer, eliminating the login process whenever necessary.

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