How to create a custom directory on GSuite

How to create a custom directory on GSuite

GSuite is today one of the most powerful office tools for small, medium and large companies. There are dozens of functions that make routines even easier, expanding practicality and relieving your company’s IT.

Among the advantages of this system are the personalized directories, where by default all users of your company will be able to find the profile information in a reciprocal way, but know that it is possible to create a limitation in this access, very useful mainly to separate specific sectors.

It is possible to limit users from finding contact information, surveys and also autocomplete.

You will be able to assign the directories by organizational unit, where the actions that an employee may or may not explore within the office routines provided by GSuite are defined.

Security issues. Why choose Google Cloud?

What does it take to create a custom directory?

In addition to the GSuite account, to be able to create these directories, you must be the account administrator, or be able to access the following privileges:

  • Services;
  • Service settings, Administrative API privileges;
  • Groups;
  • Reading (minimum required in groups already created).

To create or edit groups, you must have all these accesses.

How to create a custom directory on GSuite

First access your account by logging into the Google Admin console:

The login must be done with an administrator account:

  • Then on the home page, access the menu, “Directory and Directory Settings”;
  • Click on “Visibility Settings”;
  • In the left menu, click on the organizational unit in which you want to create the custom directory;
  • Then in “Directory visibility”, select all users who will be part of this personalized directory;
  • Right below you will have an option “Create New”;
  • Enter the name of the directory (The name you like best) and then click on “Include groups”, checking the box next to the groups you want to include in this directory;
  • If you feel better, you can type in the name of the group you want to add and then click on “Search”;
  • Finally click on “Create” and then on the option “Save”.

Your custom directory is ready to use.

URL is not hidden

Whenever you create or add a group to a custom directory, it is not hidden from other users. They will be able to find the group URL and also see the participants, if they have the necessary access.

The User will not be able to know what is inside nor interact with the content.

Managing access to less secure apps on GSUITE!

Questions about Gsuite

Still have any questions about the Gsuite platform? Contact us at One Cloud Solutions. We are a Google certified company.

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