How to enable and disable POP and IMAP for GSUITE users

How to enable and disable POP and IMAP for GSUITE users

The Post Office Protocol (POP) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) needs to be activated if a G Suite user wants to use clients on Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird or Outlook Express desktop computers.

G Suite email access needs this activation through the G Suite Admin Console.

It is possible for an administrator to allow access to everyone on an account or only to specific users within an organization.

How to activate POP or IMAP inside the panel?

First using your administrator account, log in to the Google Admin console:

Then on the home page of your Admin console, click Apps. Then select G Suite and then “Gmail Settings and End User Access”.

You may need to scroll to the bottom of the Gmail page to access advanced settings.

Then click on the “Organizations” section and select the one where you want to configure POP and IMAP.

Then next to “POP and IMAP access” check or uncheck the box to enable or disable access for all users on this network. By checking the box, users will no longer have access.

With this configuration, users can no longer access the POP and IMAP settings in the Gmail panel, nor will access to email via these systems be available, even if the activation was done on another occasion.

By unchecking the box, both POP and IMAP will be enabled for all users in the most modern security standards. However, in the case of IMAP, the use of less secure apps will still be inactive.

POP access is automatically enabled for all users.

Security issues. Why choose Google Cloud?

Using less secure apps

If you want to use IMAP in less secure apps, you need to activate it in your Gmail settings. They are in “Routing and POP / IMAP”. Just follow the step by step of the panel itself and then set the required permission for users.

Time for settings to become valid

Right after making all the changes, you will need to wait for a period that can take up to an hour.

Another tip is if you are with users on Apple iOS devices and deactivate IMAP, you need to warn that the G Suite and App Mail emails are no longer synchronized. This is because users may not receive notification about this item.

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