Professional email for your company in G Suite cloud

Professional email for your company in G Suite

A successful company has differences in details, where it is necessary to show professionalism even in the contact email.

You know when a company is concerned about its brand when the email is @company and not @ball, @outlook, @hotmail, @ Google’s own email Gmail.

And to keep it looking good even in the email you use, Google’s G Suite relies on the corporate email service, offering personalized options for you and your entire team.

Business email details in G Suite

With professional email it is possible to create an @ based on your company’s domain (business name / website). In addition, each user will also have 30 GB of cloud storage through Google Cloud.

With the G suite email, you can share files, hold videoconferences, get specific support for all kinds of problems every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

Whoever needs more storage capacity, through the administrator’s own panel, it is possible to request the increase whenever necessary.

The entire system is ultra secure, as Google’s servers guarantee 99.9% protection in the activities developed in your email.

Security avoids spans, suspicious messages and security backups are eventually performed so that all your business data is protected.

Currently, the cost to have all these advantages is starting at $ 8.40 per user in G Suite Basic.

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Starting the settings in three steps

In order to set up your professional email, you must first sign up for G Suite. During this process, in addition to your personal data, you will need to enter the domain you want to use in your business email.

After this insertion, Google will send a request to verify your domain. Don’t worry the walkthrough will be sent too. If you have difficulties, when purchasing your G Suite package on One Cloud, we will make this configuration for you.

You will also be able to personalize your account by sending your company logo and configuring additional users who need an email address @your company.

Much more than email

In addition to personalized email, G Suite packages allow you to create documents, share them and other files in the cloud, conduct high-definition video conferences, great for remote business meetings, security services and much more.

Cloud Computing Incentives and Difficulties!

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If you want to get the benefits of G Suite for your company, know that One Cloud Solutions has a team certified by Google to resell the Basic, Business and Enterprise plans.

The sale is available to companies in Melbourne and other regions of Australia.

If your company needs technology services, count on One Cloud Solutions!

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