optimize your activities with GSuite

Learn how to optimize your activities with G Suite

Gsuite is a service designed by Google to facilitate all the office routines of a company. Its tools are essential to optimize the activities of an organization, where all its advantages contribute to its growth.

Initially GSuite was known as Google Apps, where from the beginning the function was to offer products that could be customized independently, always showing professionalism. The concept of office tools, was developed by Rajen Sheth, also a developer of Chromebooks, being the success that is until today.

Among the tools present in GSuite to optimize your company’s activities are Google Docs, Drive, Gmail with @professional, Calendar, Hangouts, the Keep app to bring all your ideas together and keep them organized and much more.

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Optimizing your activities with G Suite Google

When hiring one of the G Suite packages, whether Basic, Business or Enterprise, the administrator will have access to a panel called “Admin Console”, where through it it is possible to impersonate Gsuite. This personification is super important because each company works differently, where what may be good for one, may end up disturbing the other.

Through the Google Admin Console it is possible to add layers of security and privacy in GSuite, to have control of all the accesses of users registered on the platform, to personalize your company email, making it more professional, to define administrative privileges for your technology team , among others.

The optimization can also be done through mobile devices. It is possible to manage the launch of resources for company users, evaluation of service trends and other applications that can make all the difference when it comes to creating and sharing office elements.

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Managing users through the Admin console

One of the most important functions of GSuite is in relation to adding users to an account. In order for certain employees to take advantage of GSuite, it needs to be added.

This inclusion is done through a mobile or desktop device, with access to the internet. The administrator must access the address and login with the name and password, the same as the registration on GSuite during the contract.

From this login, the administrator will be able to add users, add and modify passwords and manage all the services available in his contracted package.

As an admin it is possible to allow or block access to certain functions within GSuite. It is possible to create a “mode of operation”, where the definitions can be applied to single users or specific groups within your corporation.

With GSuite, the administrator defines what should or should not be used by the team.

Optimizing your IT staff

And another very important attitude to optimize your company’s activities in relation to the use of GSuite is to define administrative privileges for the IT team responsible for your company.

In order for a company to flow positively, it is necessary that the areas, despite being connected, can have their “independence”, where an area that suffers a lot with this aspect is the IT team.

As long as it is trusted, IT must be free to execute its actions, without having to keep asking the administrator for access.

With Gsuite it is possible to define a person responsible for the team, where the administrator can grant administrative privileges, where the equivalence of the “powers” ​​helps in solving problems, without deviating functions and also without wasting time, which is fundamental for growth of a company.

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