Understand why companies grow more with Gsuite

Understand why companies grow more with G Suite

Google’s G Suite is a tool that has come to optimize the office routines of companies, where through this ease in the use and management of applications, it ends up contributing positively to its growth.

And as we at One Cloud Solutions are the certified representative of Gsuite in Melbourne and the Metropolitan Region, we find it interesting to talk a little more about how the applications of this tool can help your company to grow.

G Suite and its basic concepts

The G Suite has three different service packages, Basic, Business and Enterprise, where despite their differences, all are proposed in Cloud (Google Cloud), that is, in the cloud, contributing mainly to the time of execution of tasks, organization and sharing data in a practical way between administrators and employees of a company.

Spreadsheets, images, forms, presentations, agenda and files in general for corporate and office environments can be organized completely online, benefiting all tasks and facilitating the search for users on the network created within Gsuite.

Gsuite also allows you to connect at work through personalized email, chat, video conferencing and real-time document sharing through Drive.

PaaS, SaaS and IaaS cloud models. Know your differences!

Custom domain

When a company contracts G Suite services, it is possible to choose the domain that will be used in all Google services. This concept, in addition to facilitating identification, contributes to the organization’s professionalism. Which of the following domains do you think has the most credibility when it comes to email?

  • Or (or

In addition to professionalizing email and Google services, commercially your company ends up passing more credibility, as it is a company that is even concerned with the smallest details.

When joining GSuite, the custom domain must be requested and once it is confirmed, depending on availability, it will be available for use in Gmail email, Google Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, Blogger and all services, from the main ones even additional ones.

Other benefits for your company to grow with Gsuite

Google Docs is a tool present within GSuite that will change your concept of office tools. It allows the creation and sharing in real time of text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, etc., without the need to send them.

The administrator and account owner will have full control of activities within the platform through the Admin Console. He is the one who will determine what can or cannot be accessed and shared within the network, including assessing whether or not users are compromising the security of documents.

Among the main applications of GSuite are:

  • Professional email;
  • Schedule;
  • Hangouts Meet;
  • Hangouts Chat;
  • Admin console;
  • Documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, websites;
  • Drive;
  • Google Cloud Search;
  • App maker;
  • Keep;
  • Vault
  • And mobile device security.

In the basic version of Gsuite, Gsuite Basic, your company will have personalized support for any situation, through contact via email or by phone, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

If your question is basic, you can be supported by the Help Center, which has several recurring questions and answers from users, which is usually the same question as those who recently opted for Gsuite.

The Basic version has a storage capacity of up to 30GB per user and the other versions, Business and Enterprise have unlimited storage.

It is very important to have these options to choose from, as there will be a plan that is exactly what your company needs to grow.

How the Cloud has changed companies!

How do I hire G Suite for my company?

You can purchase Basic, Business or Enterprise versions through our contact options:

  • 04 7265 0055
  • contact@

It will be an honor to be able to help your company organize itself better and grow with the facilities of G Suite.

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