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What is the definition of a quality service?

Who is looking for a service, regardless of price, always looking for quality, right?
And high prices do not always mean quality, as there are several factors that define whether a service is of quality or not.

And it is on this topic that we want to address today here on the One Cloud Solutions Blog, the best IT company in Melbourne and region.

What is the definition of a quality service?

Show that your service is the best only with the opinion and praise of customers?

Have a clean, beautiful and completely redesigned work environment so that customers have a good view of the business? Have a quick answering service? Offer services based on a professional’s experience and curriculum?

A quality service is defined through a set of qualities and not just one of the aforementioned or one in any other sphere of business. Usually the definition is made based on five questions, among which are:

  • Reliability;
  • Availability;
  • Aspects that are tangible;
  • Empathy with customers;
  • And security.


In terms of reliability, providing a service exactly as promised and / or previously agreed is essential to achieve the status of “company that offers quality service”.

The lack of commitment to this issue generates distrust in future negotiations, or indications. This gets in the way of your business a lot.

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In terms of availability, the company must be prompt, that is, be willing to help the customer during the execution of the service. A post sale fits very well in this regard, after all, giving attention is the minimum that is expected after a contract.

However, one should not confuse “paying attention” with living 24 hours in favor of the customer, unless the service is like that of the 24/7 assistance Encript, as companies need to share their attention with other customers.

Tangible aspects

The tangible aspects must be related to what the client can see and touch, such as the uniformity of employees, organization in the work environment, equipment properly maintained and in order, in addition to a good online marketing material.

Empathy with customers

Along the same lines of “availability”, it is also necessary to empathize with customers, after all, “good morning, how are you, how are our services” and other attitudes that show respect, affection and a certain degree of attention, it is fundamental for captivate current and new customers, demonstrating quality service.

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The fifth and final question that is fundamental in a quality service is with regard to safety. Everyone involved in the project must have sufficient knowledge to carry out the project, preferably that they are specialized in the subject.

Execution with competence and with all technical measures, as well as market standards, brings security to all involved.

Union of all

For a service to be considered quality, regardless of the area, it is necessary to contain all five elements mentioned above, regardless of whether some are better than others, yet it is better than focusing on only one of the items.

Not to mention that the company must always be willing to improve its areas with greater difficulty, after all the customer is the “soul” of the business.

Quality service in IT

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