meet google cloud run

Meet Google Cloud Run

Google currently has one of the most powerful cloud technology services on the market, where several easy-to-use products can now be hired without any difficulty by the main companies in Australia and the world.

Among these services in the cloud is Cloud Run, which is nothing more than a managed computing platform, whose differential is the automatic scaling of its stateless containers.

Cloud Run has no server. All the difficulty of managing infrastructure is taken out of its way so that the team of developers can deliver increasingly amazing applications.

Two modalities

You can run your containers on Cloud Run in two ways, the fully managed or the one provided for Anthos.

For those unfamiliar with Anthos, it is compatible with the GKE of Google Cloud environments, both on-site and in the multi-cloud.

All applications are created through Knative, that is, they are developed from an open standard.

Demand for cloud services is high, but there are few providers!

Produce more

On virtually all serverless cloud platforms, there are a number of restrictions on libraries, language support and even how programming should be done.

In Cloud Run, this happens differently. The system allows codes to be written the way it sees fit, where they are implemented in stateless containers, detecting HTTP requests or events via HTTP.

This provides greater portability and flexibility in your developers’ workloads.

You will only depend on tools you find necessary, where they can be implemented in a few seconds, making development much easier.

Serverless product

Google’s Cloud Run is natively serverless. With it you run stateless or event workloads without having to worry about servers.

The entire infrastructure is managed automatically, where you only need to worry about the code. Both the provisioning, management and configuration of the server, went out of its weight.

All automatic scaling is done at almost the same time it is needed. So you don’t need to make long configurations regarding the features you will need.

This also impacts the question of values, since you will only pay for what you use. Your pocket is grateful, since you won’t have to pay for over-provisioning.

Managed environment or Anthos

There are two options for you, running stateless in a managed environment or in Anthos. Everything is done based on the best development experience.

The chosen API environment is Knative, since open execution is done through Kubernets.

Move your workloads to different platforms and environments within Cloud Run.

One Cloud Solutions Experience

If you want to learn more about Google Cloud or want to migrate your company’s servers for a cloud experience, check out One Cloud Solutions’ plans.

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