cloud computing incentives and difficulties

Cloud Computing Incentives and Difficulties

You are thinking about migrating your servers and applications to the cloud model, but are still in doubt, today we are going to present some of the main incentives for migration and also some of the difficulties of this change.

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Cloud Computing Incentives and Difficulties

Some of the main incentives for you to migrate the traditional model to cloud computing are related to:

  • Scalability and also elasticity of the plans, without the need for high investments. The platform is able to dynamically adjust to the demand of your business, both for applications that require greater processing capacity, and for shrinking when there is no need to be using resources without precision;
  • The reduction of short and long term investments is also quite an incentive for this model;
  • It is possible to reduce or eliminate costs related to physical space, maintenance, security, energy and several others;
  • With a team of trained professionals like One Cloud Solutions, in a few minutes new applications can be working and bringing greater returns to your company, without the need to stop the entire line for testing;
  • Much faster implementation, with an immense reduction in business risks, mainly related to the financial area;
  • Another incentive is that the system allows testing and a new solution in a new area, totally dedicated to it, without any risk during its definitive application in your company’s production area;
  • It is a technology that encourages collaboration between organizational departments and the entire supply chain, as much of the information can be accessed with just a few clicks on the platform;
  • It is a platform that allows access to the best tools on the market, as they are constantly updated. It is also able to provide a better monitoring with the auditing of the systems and of all data integrity;
  • In many cases it is not necessary to invest in tracking tools, as all the information is on the panel and can be monitored by the IT company you hired;
  • Among others.

Difficulties of Cloud Computing

But as not everything is flowers, it is only fair to talk about some of the difficulties that we still find on this platform. Among them are:

  • Since many companies since its creation have been based on internal systems, that is, outside the cloud, there are several cases where the integration between cloud systems and the physical systems of the organization, suffers a lot. Sometimes it is not even possible to integrate both, with the need to create a totally new application, making the day of production difficult.Usually in these cases, companies for fear of negatively affecting their business, end up even giving up migrating their services to the cloud;
  • Another very common difficulty. For companies’ systems to work 100% in conjunction with cloud computing, a stable connection to the internet is required. In addition, it is clear to have a communication band adapted to the level of internal use. And in our country, we know that connections are not always constant, in addition to the low data transfer rate, after all we are not talking about a “play on a YouTube video”, but rather thousands of data, which need to be transferred constantly so that the business has the necessary fluidity;
  • Another difficulty when migrating services to the cloud comes from the internal team itself. After all, many still consider that the migration to this platform can make the work of professionals in the area more difficult, be it in the development of programs, as in the infrastructure turned to the cloud;
  • So it is important to hire a company like One Cloud Solutions and not have to worry about any of that;
  • In this same line of thought, many IT managers in companies make migration difficult, because they are afraid of losing control over the operations environment.

Another fear is that they are no longer useful for the functions, so they always end up talking badly about the platform and imposing difficulties.

Many of the difficulties are imposed by the company’s own team, but the evolution to this platform is inevitable and with each passing day we will see fewer companies with physical areas dedicated to infrastructure.

We must not be pessimistic about the model, but we must evolve with the changes.

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