How to access G Suite domain settings

How to access G Suite domain settings

You recently purchased G Suite and still have questions about how to access domain settings? Today on the website of One Cloud Solutions we will be talking a little more about this subject, mainly because the settings vary according to the purchase of the domain.

There are four different ways to access domain settings in G Suite. They vary according to the following situations:

  • Domain purchase during Gsuite registration;
  • Domain acquired before enrollment in G Suite;
  • Domain purchase using Gmail account;
  • Or through your Google Domains account.

Four ways to access Gsuite email settings

Situation 1: Purchase of domain during registration with Gsuite

To access the settings in this case you will need to log in to your Google Admin console account. Access must be done through the administrator’s account.

After accessing your panel, on the page itself click on Domains and Manage domains. Perhaps to verify your domain you will still need to click on “More controls”, on a link located at the bottom of the panel.

Then click on “Advanced DNS settings”. Through this step it will be necessary to login to your domain host (responsible for hosting).

Then the login name and password to be used will be visible. Then go to your host account and edit the DNS records. It is also possible to unlock the domain and / or transfer it.

If everything is correct it is ready. Now if these settings are not displayed, it means that your domain was not purchased through Google.

If you still have questions, try to identify your domain host through the panel on Google.

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Situation 2: Domain acquired before signing up for G Suite

If you already owned a URL, which is quite common among new Gsuite users, you will need to log in to your domain host account. There, find the settings menu and then make the necessary changes.

Usually the host is the same one that sold the domain to you.

Situation 3: Domain purchase using Gmail account

You must be using business email that is linked to G Suite technology. If you have not yet unlocked the additional features, you need to manage your domain for “Business email users” first. This will automatically change from December 31, 2019.

If you already have additional features unlocked, you’ll need to make the following settings in the Admin console:

  • First log in to the Google Admin console (link above);
  • You must be logged in with your administrator account;
  • Then on the panel click on “Domains and Manage domains” (maybe to see all available domains, it is necessary to click on “More controls” at the end of the page ”;
  • Then just access the information and settings for your “attached” domains;
  • Again if you don’t find the settings you need, you will need to log in to the domain host.

Situation 4: Accessing the settings through the Google Domains account

A last option to access your domain settings, will be through Google Domains. Access:

You will need to log in to your Google account, which is responsible for managing your domains.

If it’s not your G Suite administrator account, you’ll need to switch your account in the browser.

After logging in you can manage domain settings with synthetic records or you can manually add resource records.

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