What is the Google Cloud Compute Engine

What is the Google Cloud Compute Engine?

The IaaS service provided by the Google Cloud Compute Engine is responsible for offering virtual machines that run in the modern data centers and global fiber network of the company Google (Alphabet).

All tools and services available through the Compute Engine are functional in the cloud service. They offer load balancing, with proper scaling from individual instances to global instances.

All VMs linked to Compute Engine start quickly, have constant performance and permanent disk storage. The virtual servers have different configurations, with different languages, predefined sizes and also fully customizable machines according to your needs.

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The prices of this service are very flexible and discounts are also included whenever there is prolonged use of the machines. Today the Google Cloud Compute Engine is one of the best in the market in terms of cost / benefit.


Compute Engine GC has very consistent virtual machines in terms of performance. They also offer great performance on the issue of local SSD. Those who wish to perform even better, can run the machine learning models, using the Cloud TPU or the GPU.

Low price

You will only pay for the time you use Compute Engine machines. All Google billing is done on a per-use basis and you don’t have to pay for the machine to stop.

Furthermore, when hiring this specific type of service, Google Cloud offers a discount for prolonged use of the machines. There is no need to make a commitment during the hiring process and keep asking for discounts, everything is done automatically, whenever the need is identified.

Truly fast machines

You no longer have to worry about updating your hardware in the company. Compute Engine offers a really fast service and without any extra charge for it. There is a connection to Google’s robust bandwidth between all machines, as they use Google’s global private fiber network.

You can create an instance, check all settings and then run tests as you see fit.

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Design thinking about nature

Google prioritizes technologies that help maintain benefits for nature. Therefore, its entire infrastructure is carbon-free, where each data center in the global network consumes about 50% less energy than a typical data center.

Google is also known for purchasing renewable energy, where they are responsible for 100% of the energy consumed in the company’s operations.

Data centers are being spread all over the world, so that the most varied services are executed close to the customers. This improves connections, creates jobs and allows for greater resilience in services.


Each of the clusters can be resized according to your needs. You can create images of a machine, virtualize it on your network, create machine types customized for each of your needs and use preemptive VMs.

Contracts and pricing do not require Google Cloud customers to use obsolete equipment that was part of the start of the contract. When Compute Engine evolves, your company evolves together.

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