Meet the Google Cloud App Engine

Meet the Google Cloud App Engine

Did you know that Google Cloud has a fully managed application platform? App Engine allows users to create and deploy applications in a staggered manner, without any type of interruption on a small or large scale.

There is no need to worry about infrastructure management, nor to deploy configurations. It is a super intelligent system that allows developers to focus only on creating their applications with high quality.

But do not stop there, the App Engine is also great for developers to have more productivity and agility in the apps, as the platform has support for several known programming languages ​​and the most used tools currently on the market.

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App Engine languages

Among the languages ​​available for creation and deployment on the platform are:

  • Java;
  • Node.js;
  • Python;
  • PHP;
  • Ç#;
  • .Net;
  • Ruby;
  • Go.

But App Engine also allows the developer to bring their own framework or execution environment to the platform.

It is possible to manage resources through the command line, execute API back ends, debug source codes and enjoy tools such as Cloud Source Repositories, Cloud SDK, IntelliJ IDEA, PowerShell and Visual Studio.

Easy code creation

With App Engine you only have to worry about writing the code, no need to spend hours on infrastructure management.

The platform has features such as the expansion and reduction (scale) of applications, fully managed patches and also the administration of the servers. They eliminate your concerns in this regard.

Applications are also protected from threats as the App Engine has a firewall, identity and access management (IAM) and also managed SSL / TLS certificates.

State-of-the-art web applications

It is possible in App Engine to implement the most modern Web applications, which allow a greater reach. You won’t need to deploy configurations, nor manage servers. As already mentioned, you only have to worry about writing the code.

Scheduling is done automatically, that is, if there is a peak in traffic, you will not have to worry. Nor with monitoring and / or applying updates and resources.

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Do not pay for something you are not using

App Engine lets you not worry about running out of resources or running out of resources. It all depends on your traffic, where the escalation is done automatically and it only consumes resources when it is running.

You will only pay for what you use.

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