Tips to be aware when hiring IT outsourcing

Tips to be aware when hiring IT outsourcing services

Business focus is the watchword. Challenged by the constant search for competitiveness and innovation, companies start looking for partners to share IT services.

With IT outsourcing, time is saved and internal professionals can focus on the business strategy, with increased quality and flexibility in the provision of services. What’s more, the increase in the scale of production and the specialized technical capacity result in cost savings for companies.

But how to hire the right IT outsourcing team? What should you be aware of when closing the contract with the partner who will take care of your company’s IT area? What structure and specialties should he have so that the provision of services has excellence?

We highlight below some tips for you to pay attention before hiring an IT outsourcing company.

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Search for multiple skills in a single supplier

Remember that managing many suppliers will require time and dedicated staff to monitor and manage contracts. The ideal is to have a supplier that can serve in the most diverse technologies and specialties. Many suppliers can generate conflicts, compromising future improvements or continuity of some processes and applications.

Proactive service and growth projections

The supplier, in addition to meeting the demands and contracted services, should provide corrective guidance and preventive measures whenever possible. With the focus increasingly focused on business strategy, CIOs need to rely on suppliers who have the attitude and knowledge to pass the right guidelines, following the reality of the company and its growth.

Proven knowledge

This is an area that constantly depends on updating. Certifications test and approve skills and knowledge in the field. Be aware of some certifications that the IT outsourcing provider must have:

Cisco Certified – CCNP AND CCNA

As companies depend on the internet and complex internal networks, these certificates guarantee the ability to keep them functioning properly and expanding. They include knowledge in LAN, Ethernet, TCP / IP, IPv6, OSPF and BGP. The company is able to plan, implement, verify and solve network problems.

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

Microsoft offers a series of certifications that qualify technology professionals. They are divided according to the area of ​​operation. This certification proves mastery of the core set of skills in Windows Server 2012, necessary to reduce IT costs and generate greater business value.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

The Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer credential is the primary certification for professionals who analyze business needs, design and implement the infrastructure for business solutions based on the Microsoft Windows® 2000 and Windows Server 2003 platform. Implementation responsibilities include installation, configuration and troubleshooting. problems in network systems.

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

Prove skills in a particular Microsoft technology, such as Windows operating systems, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Visual Studio.

Microsoft Certified Professional

Certification is a complementary training program that proves the professional’s ability to implement, plan, manage, develop or solve problems in one or more Microsoft technologies, with maximum efficiency and lower costs.

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4 – Internal team trained and updated

Your in-house team also needs to be up to date and able to manage third party services. The team needs to make investment decisions, direct and manage implementations, charge deadlines and understand the technologies provided by suppliers.

Selecting the right IT outsourcing provider

IT outsourcing is a trend for companies that want professionalism and quality service. Many CIOs have had some experience with this type of service, pointing out several benefits.

Selecting the right supplier is critical to the success of your company’s IT outsourcing strategy. So, get to know our structure and service options.
We also have a series of trainings, so that your team can manage the services of third parties.

If you prefer, schedule a free evaluation with one of our consultants, to have a diagnosis and find out how to optimize the resources of your IT area.

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