about the Cloud Firestore Google

Know a little about the Cloud Firestore Google

Google Cloud has come to dominate the world market. Today there are dozens of very important tools for the good development of its users’ activities, as is the case with Cloud Firestore.

This platform is nothing more than a database of NoSQL documents, which allows the storage and synchronization of mobile and Web applications on a global scale. Through it it is also possible to make a query of data much easier than in its main competitors.

Firestore is part of Firebase, a joint platform responsible for supporting the development of high quality applications, expanding the user base and also generating revenue. All features work independently, but when used together, they are even better.

Structure your data

With Cloud Firestore you can structure your data through collections and documents. It is possible to create storage hierarchies and retrieve data through expressive queries. They can be sized according to the size of the result set.

So your application will be ready to be scaled in a first moment.

Your apps don’t need a server

The Firestore platform provides structure with mobile and web SDKs, through a set of security rules that can be accessed through its database without requiring the support of your server.

When using it in conjunction with Cloud Functions, it is possible to execute the hosted backend codes, where it will respond in relation to the changed data in the database. You can access Cloud Firestore with the traditional libraries, Node, Go, Java and Python.

PaaS, SaaS and IaaS cloud models. Know your differences!

Data synchronization on offline and online devices

Cloud Firestore allows automatic synchronization of your application data between other devices. The system will notify all changes whenever they are made.

Thus it is possible to create collaborative experiences in real-time applications as well. Users can access and make changes whenever necessary, even when offline.

This option is available for iOS, Android devices and also for the web.

Global scale system

The development of the Cloud Firestore was focused on adapting to your company. It is a system based on Google’s storage infrastructure.

Focus on creating your application instead of wasting hours managing servers or worrying about something other than programming.


The Cloud Firestore has Firebase authentication, providing authentications for simple and intuitive users. The security language allows access to data to be restricted based on a user’s identity.

He will only have access if he meets the necessary standards.

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