IT outsourcing really the best way for your company

Is IT outsourcing really the best way for your company?

For CIOs (Chief Information Officers, or IT managers), undertaking the IT management of companies has been an increasingly challenging task. The new roles of the area along with the business strategy increasingly require specialized teams able to use the most diverse technologies.

The constant search for productivity, process improvement and waste reduction brought to IT the opportunity to show that it makes a difference in the company’s results. Without technology, companies do not bill, do not sell, do not pay, do not receive.

In addition, with changing consumer behavior in the digital age, many business models need to be reinvented, and the role of IT is essential in this scenario. For this reason, many tasks are now delegated to third parties, so that the internal team can focus on strategic business activities.

To help you define the best path between IT outsourcing and hiring an in-house team, we list some factors that can help in choosing.

IT outsourcing for small companies, with low complexity and structures

For companies with small structures, IT outsourcing can result in a good cost reduction and an increase in the quality of services.

In addition, you solve problems with employees, whether due to a lack of adequate technical knowledge or absences due to illness or vacation.

The complexity of the service tends to be small, implying, for example, administration of the network environment, data security, service and support from users.

Therefore, hiring an external team, with experience and structured processes, can be rewarding and you gain time to think about the growth of your business.

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IT outsourcing for companies with more robust structures and large data volume

In the case of medium and large companies, the structure is a little more complex. The IT area must be synchronized with the needs of the business, there are many integrated systems, the network is more robust, the volume of data that circulates is much greater, there are multiple servers, both on-premises and in the cloud, not to mention the service structure users.

Due to many factors, such as the evolution of electronic service and the availability of information to customers, companies are reevaluating the structure of their IT departments and seeking partnership in IT outsourcing.

Services such as data transmission, network management, data hosting and updating of hardware and software are absorbed by this area, which needs constant updating.

For this reason, companies are increasingly delivering their IT services to specialized companies.

Outsourcing in information technology has proven to be an efficient solution to reduce costs, increase competitiveness due to the IT supplier’s specialty and, above all, enabling the internal IT area to keep the focus on the company’s main activity.

Companies with mixed IT teams

Companies with high demand for IT services have also opted for the formation of mixed teams, that is, an internal team with specific skills and an external team, responsible for routine activities. The planning functions of the area can also rely on outsourced teams.

Due to the experience and service at several companies, these IT outsourcing service providers generally have the knowledge to assist the organization in defining strategies for business evolution.

IT outsourcing is the best way

IT outsourcing, more than a market trend, is a great alternative as a strategic resource for growth. It is up to CIOs to clearly identify the services that should be outsourced.

The choice of the appropriate supplier is very important, their specialties and the quality of services must be carefully observed and monitored.

Certified suppliers, with defined and available KPIs, tend to demonstrate better performance and quality, increasing the success rate in the IT outsourcing project.

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