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Looking for a package where you can have access to several resources? G Suite is exactly what your company needs, providing the right tools for your team to work effectively, paying a very affordable price.

And if your company is looking for representatives of the G Suite in Melbourne, One Cloud Solutions is one of the companies that can meet your needs regarding this great tool.

One Cloud Solutions is an official reseller of G Suite, providing the best service and answering any questions that may arise during the purchase and use of the resources of this Google platform, as our technicians are certified by this tool.

What is Google’s G Suite?

G Suite is a Google service, formerly called Google Apps, with the purpose of offering several Google products that can be customized independently, being as professional as possible. The concept was developed by Rajen Sheth, a Google employee who was also the developer of Chromebooks.

The G Suite offers web applications similar to office packages, with support for different areas of an enterprise. Among the applications are Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, Gmail with @professional, presentations, spreadsheets, among others.

Everything about Google Cloud Functions!

The G Suite has a trial version for 14 days, where after the experience it is possible to hire the services based on the three package options available, Basic ($ 8.40), Business ($ 16.80) or Enterprise ($ 34).

Within the user panel it is possible to access the G Suite Marketplace, where several other applications are available that have free and paid versions, embodying the G Suite with the individual needs of each company.

Key features of G Suite

The main features of G Suite for business are:

  • Professional email;
  • Schedule;
  • Hangouts Chat;
  • Hangouts Meet;
  • Drive;
  • Google Cloud Search;
  • Documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, websites, app maker, keep, admin console, vault and mobile security.

When was the G Suite created?

The Google G Suite application service was created on August 28, 2006, where it was initially called Google Apps, but just over a decade later, on September 29, 2016, the name was changed to better reflect the real purpose of the features of this option.

Three advantages of G Suite for your company!

The G Suite has great advantages for your company and so that you have at least a sense of what will be included if you choose to join the services, check out three of them below:

  • Professional email @ Instead of using a “generic” email address for your company, you can use something unique and also create group email lists;
  • Storage for all purposes. The G suite Basic version has 30GB of storage per user, something that is already very attractive, but for those who want to store unlimited, just upgrade the account to Business or Enterprise versions;
  • 24/7 support. If you like to be well supported in any situation, G Suite has support by email or phone, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There is also a Help Center with several answers to recurring questions.

Ask your questions:

  • contact@

One Cloud Solutions is the official reseller of G Suite Google in Melbourne

The G Suite has three different plans, Basic, Business and Enterprise.

G Suite Basic Plan – $ 8.40 (AUD) per user per month

With the Basic plan it is possible to have business email from gmail, conduct video conferencing and voice calls, have more secure team messages, shared calendars, access to documents, spreadsheets and presentations, 30GB of cloud storage, 24/7 support on the phone , email and also online, in addition to security and administration controls.

Cloud Computing Incentives and Difficulties!

G Suite Business Plan – $ 16.80 (AUD) per user per month

In addition to all the options in the Basic plan, Business has an application development environment with few codes, 1TB storage for accounts with less than 5 users and UNLIMITED for accounts with more than 5 users, intelligent G Suite / Cloud Search and E-Discovery feature with audit report to track user activities.

G Suite Enterprise Plan – $ 34 (AUD) per user per month

The Enterprise plan includes all Basic and Business options in addition to a G Suite security center, Gmail data loss prevention, Drive data loss prevention, Gmail hosted S / MIME, Gmail integration with third-party compliance archiving tools, enterprise-level access control with security key application and Gmail record analysis in BigQuery.

Want help getting your G Suite for your company? Get in touch via our email:

  • contact@
  • Or on the phone: 04 7265 0055

One Cloud Solutions technicians are certified for this tool and can answer all your questions.

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