seven benefits of google cloud for your business

Seven benefits of Google Cloud for your business

If your company intends to update itself technologically and save a lot in the coming years, one of the first steps to be taken is to migrate servers and structures to a Cloud environment.

And one of the companies that has one of the most advanced technologies on the market is Google. The company has the Google Cloud Platform service, which allows the customization of machines on the platform’s servers as services.

In these machines there are the most varied operating systems, storage solutions, software and APIs and also the possibility of using the platform as a service, where the entire infrastructure can be allocated.

The best thing is that this type of service offered by Google, can be accessed and configured through any device with an internet connection, that is, your company will always be under your control in this regard.

Google Cloud benefits for a business

As we want you to know a little more about this platform, check out seven of the main benefits for your company:

Data and analysis in your hand

You can explore large amounts of data on Google servers to find answers to problems and solutions faster, improve applications, and even create better products for your business based on this information.

Know a little about the Cloud Firestore Google!

Modernization of your infrastructure

The cloud services offered by Google Cloud rely on security, economy, high performance, constant updates and works with a universal language. All questions were created so that the product does not become obsolete in a short time.

Also create virtual private networks, with access to servers around the world. The benefit in this regard is that they function as if it were a local resource.

Most affordable prices

The amounts charged on Google Cloud are made per minute, meaning you only pay for what you use. Those who need 24h access get a discount for extended use. Whenever the efficiency of the infrastructure is increased and its resources are stable, all the amounts of the reduction are passed on to your company.

Fully manageable projects

It doesn’t matter if your company uses few or many resources, with Google Cloud you don’t have to worry about capacity, performance or any other resource. Let the IT team take care of that.

Scalable security

You’ll be able to implement and fully rely on Google’s infrastructure. Your entire cloud system has the best information security specialists in the world and is constantly developing technologies to promote the best barrier against possible problems.

Cloud for your company, growing very fast!


The entire Google backbone network has a network of advanced software, fiber optic cable connections and edge caching services, which offers more consistent, fast and scalable performance.

Expansion of space

When investing in Google Cloud, that physical space that had to be dedicated in your company to allocate the huge computers and infrastructure in your company, will come to an end. Not to mention the savings in electricity, safety and possible human failures.

One Cloud Solutions and Google Cloud

If you want to be part of this modernization, know that One Cloud Solutions has certified professionals on the platform. Get in touch through the following options:

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