Managing access to less secure apps on GSUITE

Managing access to less secure apps on GSUITE

The recommendation is that you leave your G Suite configured in the original version when the theme is application security. But maybe your company needs this release, so today we will be talking a little more about managing access to less secure apps on this platform.

Less secure app

The access block was created just so that when trying to log in to apps or devices considered less secure, it is not possible, thus avoiding that data is not vulnerable or that users do not allow the creation of security breaches, even if unintentionally.

It is not normally considered a safe app, one that does not have security standards like OAuth.

The responsibility for blocking these applications lies with the GSuite account administrator.

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App that are compatible with current security

The following app complies with modern security standards:

  • Gmail;
  • Windows Mail;
  • Office 365;
  • Outlook for Mac;
  • Instagram;
  • PayPal;
  • Amazon;
  • Facebook;
  • And Basecamp.

How to manage access to less secure apps on GSUITE

  • Log in to the Google Admin console. Remembering that you must be using the GSuite administrator account;
  • Then on the Console home screen, click on “Security”, “Less secure apps”. You may need to go further down the main page to access these settings. On your dashboard it may be named “Basic Settings” instead of “Less secure apps”;
  • Then click on “Go to settings for less secure applications”;
  • Once you are in this step of the settings, you can select to “disable access to less secure apps (which is recommended), or choose, under warnings, that users will have access to these apps;
  • Then click on “Save;
  • It is also possible to activate the option where users can manage their access to less secure apps.

All of these settings can be customized for unique users or specific groups within your company.

If you want to apply this configuration to everyone, just leave the main organizational unit selected, it is usually called the “parent” unit. You will also be able to select a “daughter” organizational unit, which is nothing more than a specific aspect.

If you want to apply the settings to a specific group of users, simply access the options that will be on the left in the Admin console.

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