How to set up the Legacy system in your G Suite account

How to set up the Legacy system in your G Suite account

You who have a GSuite account and need to perform the migration and preparation of the legacy environment, learn how to configure the administrator and users in the simplest way possible so that everything will work correctly.

The data migration service requires that the G Suite domain and the TLS certificate are properly configured. Only then is it possible to proceed to the legacy system configuration in your G Suite account.

With the first OK steps, confirm that your legacy system is configured correctly. It is necessary to divide this action into two parts, one for the Account Administrator and the other for Users.

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G Suite account administrators

  • To set up the legacy, administrators must require that all users access less secure applications in the Originating G Suite account. It is recommended that as soon as the migration is complete, admins disable this type of access;
  • Then no longer allow access to less secure apps in your G Suite account;
  • Then activate IMAP for all users;
  • Learn how to enable and disable the Internet Message Access Protocol in Gsuite;
  • Generate an app password for the data migration service that you have activated, being done by 2-step verification or single sign-on;
  • You will then be required to use this password in the Google Admin console when the email migration is complete.

G Suite users

  • Your users of your old G Suite account must log in to Gmail;
  • As soon as you access the email, click on the top corner in the “Settings” gear;
  • Select “Settings” again;
  • Then Click on “Forwarding and POP / IMAP;
  • Then the user must click on folder size limits and select the option “Do not limit the number of messages in an IMAP folder (default);
  • Just click on “Save changes” and then on “Bookmarks”;
  • Then just confirm that the “Show in IMAP” box is selected for the bookmarks that need to be migrated during the legacy configuration.

So just move on to the next steps if necessary. But this configuration is enough.

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