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Is your company having difficulties in performing office tasks? GSuite for Business is a platform developed by Google to facilitate office routines, maximizing and improving the work performed in several areas.

But if you have never heard of this platform, know that One Cloud Solutions is a certified IT company, Partner G Suite Reseller, capable of providing in detail the packages offered by G Suite, always with the intention of leveraging the tasks performed in the corporate environment .

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Google G Suite

All platform services work in connection with Google Cloud, that is, they are services that have all the advantages of technology in the cloud, providing a lower investment in hardware and software, not to mention the advantage of being all connected on a single platform. .

Everything is more organized in the corporate environment, in addition to the easy sharing of spreadsheets, presentations, documents and also the ease of communication between employees of the same company.

Understand why companies grow more with Gsuite!

GSuite for companies provides real-time sharing of documents, as well as messages and even video conferencing.

Among the main services available to those who purchase one of the GSuite packages are:

  • Custom domain;
  • Google Drive;
  • Schedule;
  • Hangouts;
  • Blogger;
  • Security with Valt;
  • Google Docs with all the office tools;
  • Forms; Among others.

GSuite Email

This tool will provide your company with a professional email, with a personalized domain (contact @ “suaempresa” All of this without ads, large-scale storage and easy access via desktops, smartphones and tablets. For those who are used to other email clients, it is possible to use it through Outlook and others that allow specific configurations.

GSuite Agenda

All of your company’s commitments, including meetings, can be included in the Gsuite Agenda tool, where over the days they can be shared, added reminders, changed with reminders for all employees, including receiving notifications directly on the screen of your mobile device .

GSuite Hangouts

This is a practical way to connect with all the company’s contacts through audio or video calls, eliminating obstacles when it comes to holding conferences and meetings, whether they are emergency or scheduled on the Gsuite Agenda.

GSuite Docs

GSuite’s platforms for companies have document editors, spreadsheets, presentations and others that are important for the functioning of a company, which in addition to easy editing, also facilitate sharing. You edit the files and all users with access to the folder can view the document in real time.

There is no need to install anything on the computer, the tools work through the cloud service.

GSuite Drive

Google Drive is another important tool for office routines. There, users will be able to store and manage files from anywhere in the world, always with great security.

There is the possibility to share folders with certain users, who can make changes and save them within the folder in Drive.

Fostering innovation with Cloud Computing!

GSuite Vault

The Vault has benefits regarding email storage and message exchange. Administrators can obtain reports of users’ actions on the platform at specific times. The information stored by the Vault security system is essential for any audits.

GSuite Sites

If you need to create a web page for your company, but do not have programming knowledge, GSuite Sites was designed for you. The tool has an intuitive system, where you simply drag elements to your page, and they will be included in a simple, quick and practical way.

Within minutes you can create projects and store files and information relevant to the corporate intranet.

Gsuite Forms

Gsuite also allows the creation of forms, all in a very practical and fast way. Among the advantages is the execution of satisfaction surveys, collection of emails for the future sending of offers and news about the company, management of event registrations, conducting surveys and even the development of tests in the corporate environment.

G Suite, a Cloud Computing experience

Gsuite was developed precisely in the technological innovation Cloud, so that through this platform, without a large investment by companies, everything is completely synchronized.

And Gsuite’s Cloud experience makes documents, calendar, files and all office software connected effectively and easily edited by users who have prior authorization from the account administrator.

It is a true online corporate environment, facilitating communication and work, no longer sending emails or saving to physical drives for sharing and any necessary changes.

Main benefits of Gsuite for companies

Through the Admin Console on the platform, the owner and administrator of the Gsuite account will be able to have 100% control over the routine activities of his company.

It is the admin who determines what can and cannot be accessed and shared within the network.

In addition, Gsuite has other benefits such as:

  • User safety assessment;
  • Personified agenda;
  • Ease of communication with Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat;
  • Cloud storage folder through Google Drive;
  • Searches made easy with Google Cloud Search;
  • Security for mobile devices;
  • App Maker;
  • Easy editing in spreadsheets, forms, slides, websites, documents and others in cloud.

In addition, from the basic version (Gsuite Basic), your company will be supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where one contact by email or phone is enough to solve any problems connected to the platform.

Certified Gsuite reseller

GSuite has Basic, Business and Enterprise plans. In order to understand all of them and count on the help of those who really understand the subject, it is necessary to contact a certified reseller.

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