Benefits of IT Outsourcing

8 Benefits of IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing is a trend for companies that want professionalism and quality service. Many have had some experience with this type of service, but doubts still cause discomfort in some CIOs.

What benefits will my company have with IT outsourcing? This is one of the most common questions asked by customers, to our consultants. As a result, we have listed for you the main benefits proven by many of the organizations we serve.

Focus on business

You can no longer waste time with routine activities. CIOs and their teams are increasingly involved in business management processes, leaving the most routine activities to third parties, focusing on those whose specialty is more complex, difficult to find or train, or where experience contributes to adoption of processes and best practices.

1 – Increased quality

The fact of serving many companies and having experienced problems and situations, makes the technicians of outsourced companies have a much faster and quality response time. Generally, SLA rates end up rising, in relation to user satisfaction. In one of our customers, in answering calls we managed to reduce the average solution time from 72 hours to 5 hours.

2 – Constant availability

With an outsourced team you will have constant availability of service to users, as you will not need to manage staff absences. Eliminates problems such as vacation leave, illness, training etc.

3 – IT Cost Reduction

Having a supplier within the company that can offer services in various technologies and with multiple specialties, there is no need to search for new suppliers and new hires, reducing costs and optimizing time. We provide, for one of our customers, a savings of 75% in the equipment acquisition plan, by optimizing the existing IT resources.

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4 – Cost reduction with human resources

It is one of the main advantages of IT outsourcing. Investments in training and qualification of personnel decrease with the hiring of an outsourced team. Thus, you will always have a professional with the desired skills, when the demand arises. To one of our customers, we saved R $ 552 thousand annually in the optimization of the call handling team.

5 – Experience and qualification

IT outsourcing companies have trained and qualified teams in different environments and systems. Your technology partners also count, as it is through them that the outsourced company will suggest the technologies that your company will hire. Tacit knowledge, that is, that acquired through experience with other companies, also makes a difference in the quality of the services provided to your company, in addition to the application of the best ITIL practices.

6 – Increased competitiveness

Growing sustainably is one of the main challenges for organizations. With IT outsourcing there is an opportunity to increase competitiveness. For business success, organizations need adequate infrastructure to meet current and future needs. Thus, IT outsourcing gains space, helping its teams to focus attention on the business, while a supplier keeps the IT area working. The ideal is to choose a single supplier that can offer options for hardware, software and services, what we call “Full Outsourcing”.

7 – Increased information security

Another essential item for the success of any company is security. Organizations need to adopt clear information security systems and policies, regardless of their size. With ITIL best practices, companies that provide IT outsourcing services generally include services for vulnerability and risk analysis, contingency plans and business continuity plans.

8 – The success of IT outsourcing also depends on a structured project plan

We cannot forget to mention that CIOs need to have a structured plan, with goals that must be met to align the benefits of this partnership.

The success of the IT outsourcing project is not only in choosing a good partner, but also in planning and monitoring its implementation. Objective, activities, priorities, benefits, impacted areas, execution and investment deadlines must be part of the plan.

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The document must be accompanied periodically by the management team, with sufficient information that can offer the supplier and the contractor conditions to evaluate the stages, prioritizing activities according to the company’s strategies and objectives.

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