G Suite email account will become G Suite Basic from 2020

G Suite email account will become G Suite Basic from 2020

GSuite customers with commercial email will have their accounts automatically updated to G Suite Basic as of December 31, 2019. Google will update its account from 2020 to improve the user experience.

But these changes will only be made for customers who have commercial email powered by G Suite.

What changes?

Email addresses must remain the same, but additional features will be implemented in G Suite Basic.

The values ​​must also be changed. You will be charged based on the G Suite Basic flexible plan, which may be discounted depending on your region.

Gmail and G Suite Basic accounts will be permanently linked. So canceling your subscription will have both accounts deleted.

Security issues. Why choose Google Cloud?

I don’t want to link my accounts what to do?

If you are not interested in linking these accounts, you must cancel your G Suite commercial email account and return to using Gmail only before December 31, 2019. If you pass this date, the process will be done automatically and irreversibly.

How do I know if I have a business email or a G Suite Basic account?

In order to find out if your email is G Suite commercial, or if you have a G Suite Basic account, just access Gmail from your computer. The process cannot be done on the smartphone or tablet.

Then log in with your business email address, its feature is not to end in @

Then in the upper right corner, click on the settings gear and then click on the “settings” option.

Click on “Manage this domain”.

Then one of the two panel options below will be displayed:

If the first option (Manage business email) is opened, the panel itself will inform you that there will be a change in your account. So you have the G Suite business email.

In the second case (Google Admin), there is no need to do anything. Both the account and the price will be adjusted automatically as you already use G Suite Basic.

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