How the Cloud has changed companies

Have you ever imagined not having to dedicate an exclusive room for your company to house a gigantic server?

How about drastically decreasing maintenance expenses, purchasing expensive and powerful computers, paying high light rates, among others? Cloud technology has come to change the concept of companies and is already a big reality.

Cloud computing, known as Cloud Computing, is a system where processing, storage and memory capacity is carried out through computers on large servers connected remotely over the internet.

All the common functionalities of a physical server, are executed through these servers connected to the web, where those who contract the service can enjoy all the advantages of this system on any computer with internet connection in the world.

Cloud for your company, growing very fast!

Cloud technology for the benefit of your company

With Cloud Computing, your company will not need to store files on a specific machine, nor install expensive software to perform its functions.

What will be needed in this case is just a basic computer, connected to the Cloud service, where the person responsible for this area in your company, will be able to control all activities with a few clicks.

In addition to the access advantages, the Cloud is a much cheaper service than a physical project in your company.

As we have already mentioned, the space savings, expenses with electricity, the non-need to buy expensive machines with high processing power and a whole exclusive area for this server, generate good savings for companies.

However, it is necessary to evaluate all the needs of the company, as some still need physical options and only after a thorough evaluation by an IT professional, it will be possible to define the best strategy for your company. We at One Cloud Solutions can do this evaluation for free, consult us.

What are the three largest cloud companies in the world today?

The companies that dominate the Cloud market today are Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Having your company’s server and other cloud services in one of these three is the guarantee that the features will be in full steam.

All of them have been investing a good amount of their profits to create increasingly secure, agile and easy to use systems. Each offers a different plan, some more basic for small businesses and others entirely dedicated to larger businesses.

The Cloud application to improve your company

Each company has a different need and it is at this very moment that it is necessary to hire an IT specialist company, to analyze and define which will be the best application for the work environment.

The needs of the corporate environment are placed in a project, where when applying the technology the manager can even present the improvement reports, economic and others related to the benefits of the Cloud and other systems in his company.

The area where the Cloud is most applied is in relation to the server. Not having to depend on something physical can not only improve the quality of service, but also generate good savings for your company. A company with a virtual server is also a more secure environment.

The ability to manage the tools that involve this system, speeds up and improves the interaction of the infrastructure sector, after all “Time is money”.

Cloud Storage

And speaking of tools in this system, the term Cloud Storage is also another function of the concept, which aims to facilitate the storage of data for a company.

By defining a good strategy, the IT manager in charge of this function, will be able to facilitate the execution of projects, make the work environment more secure and also obtain total control of the files.

The Cloud has made companies increasingly secure

As already mentioned, companies like Amazon (AWS), Google (Cloud) and Microsoft (Azure), public cloud service providers, have a security strategy that involves improving connectivity with servers, with platforms, a more standard system and also offer 24h support so that your data is always in full operation, consistent and also with maximum security.

Main advantages that the Cloud offers for your company

The Cloud is rich in advantages and more and more companies are opting for a cloud-oriented project. Among the advantages of this service are:

  • The data and software for your company’s applications can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Just have a basic machine and a good internet connection.
  • Companies can use software, for example Office, without being installed on computers and consequently without the need for licensing. This is as long as the service is included in the contracted package.
  • As much of the software and storage is done through the cloud service, there is no need to invest in expensive computers, license applications and other items, which generates good savings.
  • Several company activities do not need to be performed only at the workplace, giving greater mobility to the functions.
  • Sharing essential company files is very easy, as they are all available in just one environment.
  • The cloud service has changed companies in terms of spending on physical structures. All network installations and applications are handled by the cloud service provider. The savings in cooling, maintenance, energy consumption and the entire infrastructure is very large compared to companies that still use the old server space.
  • An advantage is also linked to having an updated system. Virtually all updates are made automatically by the cloud service provider. So your company also saves by not having to dedicate an employee just to carry out such updates.

It is for these and other reasons that the cloud has been changing companies.

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