PaaS, SaaS and IaaS cloud models. Know your differences

Cloud computing is in full swing, especially among companies, as most of them are no longer concerned with heavy investments in infrastructure after advances in this technology niche. Just hire a quality service like Amazon’s AWS and no longer have to worry about the hardware.

In Cloud Computing it is common to hear the expressions PaaS, SaaS and IaaS, but do you know what these acronyms mean? So today we will be dedicating this article to talk a little more about these main options of cloud computing.

What do the acronyms PaaS, SaaS and IaaS mean?

The acronyms PaaS, SaaS and IaaS are short for business models that are very common in Cloud Computing.

PaaS stands for Platform as a Service (Platform as a Service), as the acronym SaaS stands for Software as a Service (Software as a Service) and the business category IaaS, stands for Infrastructure as a Service (Infrastructure as a Service) and is one of the most used currently in the Cloud market.

But what types of services do these models offer? Check out a little more about the details of each below:

PaaS | Platform as a Service

The PaaS platform is dedicated to those who need to host, create and maintain different types of applications. In this cloud model, the company will be able to hire a complete development environment, with all the tools necessary to optimize its software and applications in the corporate environment and also for developers.

The cloud is responsible for offering the entire infrastructure, which avoids the unnecessary expense with the purchase of licenses, hardware, software and other applications that usually cost high investments. One of the main advantages of this category is the concern only with the programming of the software.

All maintenance of machines, software updates and systems that will be used in the project, are the responsibility of the service provider, that is, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and other Cloud companies are responsible for making everything work for your schedule.

Why use the PaaS model?

The PaaS model is certainly the most complete option in terms of development tools. Generally, all the needs of a programmer are available with just a few clicks. The model is recommended for companies that have a team of developers and a greater interaction with the database.

It is necessary to pay attention to the language model used for the creation, especially if at some point it is necessary to migrate the service to another platform, as each PaaS model in the Cloud giants, may or may not rely on the language used in their applications.

SaaS | Software as a Service

This cloud model is for those who want to use software without having to buy or worry about licenses. Licenses are some of the biggest concerns in large companies, precisely because they are audited more frequently. In case they are using software without proper regulation, the fines are very heavy.

In the SaaS model you have all the main software of today, all properly licensed and you don’t have to worry about anything. The payment of the plans can be fixed or through an option “On Demand”, where you will only pay the resources you use.

All data worked on this system is available in the cloud and it is possible for users to have access only using a device that has an internet connection.

Why use the SaaS model?

Have you ever thought about using Word, Excel, Power Point, Photoshop, Autocad and other software without having to worry about licenses and the high investment in hardware? The SaaS model has a wide variety of software that can be used over the internet.

Another advantage of the model is being able to share files among all employees of your company. There is no need to send by email, using Pen Drive, external HD and other storage options to share files, they are easily and conveniently accessible in the cloud.

It is mainly indicated for small companies and those that need a short-term job. Other companies may need something more specific, which turns out to be less of an attractive model.

IaaS | Infrastructure as a Service

The IaaS cloud service model is one of the most used today, mainly because it is responsible for eliminating the need to create a physical server in companies, generating great savings, essentially for those who are starting their business.

In the IaaS cloud model, the company will be able to hire machines with different types of memories, processing capacity, storage and other hardware-related services. Even the primary model of IaaS was known as HaaS (Hardware as a Service), but as the inclusion of other infrastructure services occurred in recent months, the acronym was changed to Infrastructure as a Service.

It is possible to contract complete packages of servers and other applications in the IaaS system. The cloud service is also paid according to use, being a very economical model given the variation in its use, especially outside the hours considered “commercial”.

Differences between public, hybrid and private cloud!

Why use the IaaS model?

As mentioned above, the main advantage of the IaaS model is in relation to the economy. Small, medium and large companies do not need to provide physical space, buy machines with strong hardware and which need almost annual updates, expenses with eventual maintenance, a fully dedicated team to keep the service up and running and dozens of other time-consuming variations and corporate money.

Being able to pay only for what is used is also another big advantage, after all, it is not every day that you need 100% of the capacity of your server or other applications. The service is recommended mainly for companies that are growing at a speed where the purchase of hardware would be unfeasible, given its variations.

It is important to hire an IT manager to better define the strategy and the best business model in cloud infrastructure for your company.

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