new technologies can improve productivity at work

How new technologies can improve productivity at work

We live in a world where technology has made working with small, medium and large companies much easier. With the right implementation, you can improve productivity and get better results.

Well-structured processes help to organize activities within a corporate environment, achieving better standards and security.

With digital tools, these activities end up becoming even more dynamic and efficient, where in practice technology has the power to increase productivity and provide several other benefits.

But do you know what the real benefits of implementing technologies are? Check out some of the main ones in this article.

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How technology can bring productivity benefits

Improving communication

The improvement in the quality of connectivity and the communication between the team of a company, today depends exclusively on technology. This implementation makes contact faster and more efficient.

Corporate email, apps like Hangouts and other communications, make interaction within the workplace more effective. A lot can be solved quickly and easily, streamlining other processes.

This communication makes the environment safer. All messages are stored and whenever necessary, just make a query.

Communication between IT and development

Today we are living a good working relationship thanks to technology. The processes have become more flexible, dynamic and we can see a good connection between IT and development teams. The approach of professionals from different places, allows a more effective work.

Videoconferencing tools made this connection much easier. It is enough that the employee has a device with an internet connection (tablet, smartphone, computer) and the right tool for the interaction to happen in the best possible way.

A video call, document sharing, remote access to another device and other actions in addition to increasing productivity, also allow for time optimization and cost savings.

Security of corporate information

As a company grows in the market, there is also an increase in data storage. That is why safe storage technology must be available. Today there are uncomplicated and very organized options.

Data protection today is a very important issue. Your company needs to be careful about missing documents as it can bring legal problems, not counting the time lost to recover all this information.

By implementing the right technology, you prevent your business from security chaos.

Time and productivity management

By better managing your time through an appointment book, for example, the entire productivity chain becomes better and more promising. The organization and compliance with this agenda are, in most companies, a great challenge.

But all the difficulties in relation to this issue can be easily solved with the use of tools like Google Calendar. This allows you to maintain a more organized routine and schedule events with good ease.

With Google Calendar you can share appointments with other professionals and schedule the best day and time for them and also for guests. So the meetings and training are well structured.

With everything organized through this technology, your productivity will certainly increase.

What are the main changes coming from cloud computing?

Increase your production with quality of life for employees

Studies show that professionals who work happily are 31% more productive. If the company is able to produce a better quality of life, surely happiness will be one of its consequences.

Not all professionals can work remotely, but when technology allows this option, many end up leveraging their service simply because they do not have to travel in person to the company to resolve small matters.

Long distance meetings, task execution, communication, file editing and others are options that can be done remotely, eliminating the presence of a collaborator within the company.

Mobility of access to information

Another very important tool within the corporate environment is Google Drive. It allows employees to access company documents securely and completely remotely.

Your documents are not on a local computer or within a single email folder, with the need to resend them whenever necessary. Everything is available in the cloud, allowing employees to access these documents and make changes through a device with an internet connection.

You can share this folder only with a specific group and even enter a security password so that no one else has access.

Co-creation is one of the main benefits of this Google platform. Whenever a document is created, other professionals can collaborate with it by entering other information, editing and others. To avoid confusion, Google Drive saves the record of who was responsible for the changes.

If you want easier, faster and more efficient processes, Drive is the technology you need.

Professional training

The technology allows through training tools to train professionals from different areas. Many of them allow specialization through the digital channels themselves.

With employees developing new skills, whoever gains from improving techniques is your own company.

Productivity ends up being positively impacted, since the investment made in the employee, can be reversed in application in the work routine. This professional will also encourage his colleagues and provide greater knowledge to the entire team.

Agility in tasks

Systems and solutions that are based on Cloud Computing technology, provide greater agility for the development of tasks. All processes are performed on machines of the company that provides such technology as Google Cloud, for example.

The tools are installed on Google machines and this allows faster processing of programs, avoiding problems of slowness, crashes and other damage that a local machine provides.

Cloud systems allow the exchange of information, making it easier for the responsible teams to share files, without the need for an external hard drive, Pen Drive or the continuous sending of emails, for example.

Through a platform such as G Suite, employees can insert their files, allowing access to other collaborators in a practical and immediate way.

Not to mention that the data processing is not on the local machine allows the company to save on software and hardware updates.

Technology reduces business costs

Investing in technology in a first one may seem like an extra expense, but in the short, medium and long term, all resources are invested in increased productivity, which allows for a greater gain and a reduction in expenses.

Technological tools make work get done much faster and more efficiently.

Preventing a job from being redone, the optimization of processes, reduction of execution time, displacements, integration of tools, not having to invest heavily in updating hardware and software and others allows great savings for your company.

Today Cloud Computing technology is an indispensable investment for your company.

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