Four technological trends that will change your companys future

Four technological trends that will change your company’s future

Any company, regardless of its industry, must always be connected to innovations and technological trends, because sometimes a minimum change before covering the entire market, can mean the success of the entire operation.

Companies are always looking for an increase in production, improvements in the area of ​​security, execution of their processes, cost cutting and everything that through some technological implementation, can offer.

That is why we recommend that the main market trends be evaluated by competent professionals, such as One Cloud Solutions.

In our company, you don’t have to worry about anything, all market innovations are passed on, as long as their effectiveness is proven, to those responsible for contracting the project.

And so that you can have at least a sense of what is becoming a trend in the technological market, today we will be addressing 4 themes, of course in a very summarized way, as they are complex subjects, but which will soon be commented on by everyone.

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What are the trends for the coming years based on?

The whole technological trend of the coming years will be based on solutions such as blockchain, the famous artificial intelligence, which every day becomes a more palpable reality and with several applications and also those derived from the term “Internet of Things”.

Some of these trends have enormous potential to transform the routine of a company and also the daily lives of employees, bosses and “ordinary” citizens.

What is certain is that whether you like it or not, it is very likely that you and your business branch will have to adapt all forms of work, so as not to become obsolete.

4 technological trends that will change your company’s future

Among these technological innovations are themes such as:

  • Mesh encryption (lattices);
  • Computers considered “quantum” at more affordable prices;
  • “Pure” artificial intelligence;
  • Blockchain and Crypto anchors.

1. Mesh encryption (lattices)

Mesh encryption, also known as lattice encryption, is a specific innovation for the security area, whose main functionality is to block much of the information theft on account of hackers.

Of course, there will always be loopholes, no system is considered 100% immune, but the evolution of this cryptographic area will reduce the incidence of errors.

Today encryption only protects data when it is transiting the large world wide web, but when it comes to storage protection, it leaves a little to be desired.

The most advanced technologies can and when perfected, they will be able to hide the data in highly elaborated algebra structures, creating a new security protocol.

This technology acts as a resistance mesh, making even more difficult the problems linked to attacks by hackers in the not too distant future.

2. Computers considered “quantum” at more affordable prices

Computing every week that passes has its hardware as obsolete. Previously, a building was needed to store 128MB of information, today we can store 2TB on a USB stick.

And in this same concept, we can expect that today’s considered “quantum” computers, with extremely high processing capacity, can become more accessible for companies.

Currently, companies use powerful computers, but not so much as to solve more complex options, such as chemical simulations, exponential scaling, production optimization with the insertion of only a few data and other options only solved by quantum computing.

Computers at this level are capable of processing information through some principles of quantum mechanics.

Today only a few governments in developed countries and with a large economy have access to this technology, now have you thought about one of these in your company? In laboratories? In other areas that can influence your company, even if it doesn’t have one?

The trend is that in the coming years these options will be more accessible, part of the routine of the main companies in the country.

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3. “Pure” artificial intelligence

What we have today is an artificial intelligence rich in human instructions, which ends up making technology subject to both good and bad trends in human thought.

With this reasoning based on the one who created it, the data is not concrete from the point of view of the machines, always presenting results based on the algorithms.

With the evolution of technology in the coming years, the conflicts generated in the learning of artificial intelligence will be less and less, where the function of the system in guiding human decisions and even where they are used, will be free of points with ideological, racial tendencies and also genres.

This technology tends to increasingly impact life within the work environment, creating new opportunities and also retiring other technologies and applications.

4. Blockchain and Crypto anchors

The growth in recent years of these two technologies, known as Blockchain and Crypto anchors, will allow both to work in tune in the coming years, ensuring total authenticity in the product chain offered today in the national and international market.

All information from the blockchain system can be included in the products, where through sensors, special inks, nano and micro computers, all encryption used in the product can prove its authenticity, what were the transport conditions, if everything is ok for the use, where the transfer was made and other information.

Nowadays it is a great challenge for the industry to track products and identify whether or not something is original.

Many countries rely on counterfeit drugs, which are distributed to patients, where because they do not have the necessary amount of chemical components beneficial to health, they make the treatment practically useless.

The implementation of this technology in the production line, will guarantee the consumer that he is really paying for something original, with proven origin and maintenance.

This will bring not only benefits for those who purchase the products, but also benefits for those who commercialize, as we are in a period where the demand for quality is increasing.


Of course, these are just 4 of the thousands of options that can totally change the way we work today and how companies can work, but we believe that these are among the top ones and that they are sure to have a big impact for companies around the world. .

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