Advantages of IT outsourcing for companies

Advantages of IT outsourcing for companies

IT is a vital department within the company because it plays a variety of extremely important roles, ranging from support to keep the operation safe and continuous, to more strategic responsibilities such as assessing, implementing and maintaining the system that fully serves the business.

Despite its importance, there are still companies that view IT as a cost, often because they believe that it is an area responsible only for purchasing and maintaining equipment, and not seeing the potential of IT for business growth.

We constantly address issues on our blog that help make IT more strategic within corporations, as well as how to get a return on investments made in technology.

Well-managed IT can take the company to a new level – automating processes, increasing team performance, reducing costs and ensuring continuity of operation.

However, having a complete IT department, as it should be, is not always viable for companies of certain sizes, or it is not even part of the company’s strategy to maintain its own team. In these cases, there is a solution: IT outsourcing.

We will share 5 advantages of IT outsourcing for companies, regardless of their sizes and segments.

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1- Cost reduction

Having an IT team is essential, but the cost of owning a team is not always viable. The truth is that only an assistant cannot do the job and, to have a team with managers and specialists, it is necessary to invest in good salaries.

In addition to payroll costs, labor charges and the like, you still need to have knowledge to make the hires and keep these employees on the team.

IT outsourcing has a much more affordable cost, since the contracting, payments and charges are under the responsibility of the contracted company.

The client is only concerned with the execution of the service, and the work works as if the team were its own.

2- Control of services

A company specialized in IT outsourcing, such as Encript, presents frequent reports of the services performed, the performance and the state of the equipment (networks, hardware, software, telephony), which allows the managers and responsible of the client’s company to have a control that is not always presented by own employees.

The professionals’ commitment is the same, with participation in meetings, suggestions for improvements. In fact, the professional wears the shirt!

3- Return on investment

In addition to reducing costs and concerns with hiring, IT outsourcing presents a return on investment made in the long term.

One of the roles played by an outsourced IT team is to constantly evaluate the performance and consumption of equipment to suggest improvements and acquisitions that help the company achieve savings in consumption and increase in productivity that result in growth and profitability for the business.

4- Expert know-how

A company has different technologies and systems, from different brands and manufacturers, that need different knowledge. Having a specialist for each IT segment is not feasible for a company, but it is possible to obtain a backing of specialists on multiple platforms through IT outsourcing.

In addition to the know-how in different technologies, a company like Encript is committed to constantly training and recycling the team’s knowledge, which would sharply increase costs for a company if the team were its own.

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5- Quality assurance

IT outsourcing encompasses the management of several services vital to the business, such as e-mails, operating systems, backups, contingency, data security, among others.

When guaranteeing the functioning and continuity of these services, the company that outsources IT guarantees an SLA to reestablish the operation, in case of failures, within a certain period – a commitment that is not always ensured by its own IT team.

All the above advantages enable the company to achieve a greater good, which is to keep its efforts and teams focused on the company’s business.

At One Cloud Solutins, we outsource the IT department to companies in different segments and offer a complete service in this regard.

Share with us if there are any impediments or fears about IT outsourcing that we will help you break these paradigms.



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