Learn the basics of Google s G Suite

Learn the basics of Google’s G Suite

You know that One Cloud Solutions is one of the companies responsible for representing the Google G Suite in Melbourne and nearby regions, right? So if you are looking to learn more about this Google platform and know the details about each of the packages offered, count on us.

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For those who still don’t know anything about G Suite, but are already aware that it will be necessary today or in the future in your company, we decided to present in this article a little more about the basic concepts of the platform.

10 basic tips for managing your Google G Suite.

Google G Suite basics

G Suite today has a package of services that are all Cloud-based, that is, in the cloud, where companies, schools, businesses and corporate environments in general, can organize their work completely online.

But for those who think that this connection at work is made only through email and / or messengers (Chat), communication can also be done through social networks, videoconferences and the sharing of documents in real time.

The G Suite allows users to choose the domain that will be used for all Google services.
Once this domain is confirmed, as it sometimes depends on availability, your entire company will be able to use Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Hangouts, Blogger, Google+ and other main and additional services through this property.

In G Suite your company will also have access to Docs, an office tool that facilitates both the creation and sharing of spreadsheets, texts, presentations and many others.

G Suite email account will become G Suite Basic from 2020.

How much does G Suite cost?

Today, G Suite has three plans, G Suite Basic with a monthly cost of $ 8.40 per user, G Suite Business with a monthly cost of $ 16.80 per user and G Suite Enterprise, which is the “most expensive” plan costing $ 25 per user in the month.

As this is an article with basic G Suite concepts, you can check the details of each option through our specific platform article. Access:
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