What are the main changes coming from cloud computing?

First of all, we need to keep in mind that Cloud Computing didn’t just come to lower IT operating costs or decrease the amount of investments in your company’s technology area.

Cloud Computing has come to bring a much deeper impact to countless areas that involve technology.

Therefore, we decided to create this article to talk a little more about what are the main changes coming from cloud computing, in addition to the great cost savings in relation to servers, licensing, database and other matters that we have already commented on here. One Cloud Solutions.

How the Cloud has changed companies.

Major changes from the Cloud to IT

Among some of the main changes are:

  • Qualification profile of specialized IT staff
  • Change in production and service delivery
  • Change in marketing practices

Qualification profile of specialized IT staff

As much as much of the Cloud Computing concept present in the market today is focused on the infrastructure area, it is also necessary to know the changes that it “unleashes” in the qualification profile of specialized IT staff.

Currently, technology professionals need to adapt to market changes and understand how their company’s business works.

In addition, he needs to have a great vision of improvements to be able to apply the needs in services considered adequate, fast, economical and mainly with a high degree of security.

It is essential that IT professionals are qualified to keep up with changes and do not lose their jobs in the job market.

Companies that provide services with professionals, should invest in courses so that all new cloud solutions can be up to date in the minds of employees.

Nowadays IT is also becoming a business man, because it is necessary not only to understand technology, but also to be able to talk with entrepreneurs about areas of production, marketing, business investments and other areas that Cloud Computing is changing the focus of knowledge and investments that were previously focused on software and hardware.

Change in production and service delivery

The second topic we want to talk about in this article is related to changes in production and also in the delivery of services.

Cloud computing has also been changing the “traditional” cycle of transfers, sales, production lines and others.

In the most current models, the consumer can rent various services and products and use them only as long as they are useful to him.

As soon as some products stop adding value to your life, it can be finished, without accumulations and permanent expenses.

In these new cases, post-sale becomes even more important than pre-sale, as it is necessary that the consumer likes the service offered so that he can continue the contract.

The current digital economy is becoming increasingly larger and stabilizing very quickly, where those who do not adapt will lose a lot of market power.

The company’s integration with the network of customers and users is much greater with the increasing use of cloud services. Virtually every business is becoming an Information Technology (IT) business.

Think, for example, you arrive at a snack bar, the waiter arrives with your tablet and “takes” your order with just a few taps on the screen, the order automatically goes to the kitchen, the amounts are calculated and the whole procedure goes to the area company finance in the cloud.

No matter if the business model is “old” or current, most of it is only possible and viable today through the use of technology.

As it progresses, businesses and tasks are executed with more “critical” and detailed strategies, knowledge in the area is essential for organizations to advance.

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Change in marketing practices

Finally, we also want to talk a little about how Cloud Computing has been changing the way marketing is practiced in companies. Today everything is interconnected, and there is a term that describes this connection, called “Internet of Things”.

Everything is now connected and any electronic device can store information on the network and be stimulated by it.

Traditional marketing has been gradually replaced by advances in Cloud, for the so-called Marketing of Things.

This marketing has been increasingly integrating people through social networks and other mechanisms that store personal data, preferences, locations and other factors, where it is possible to create an advertising area directly focused on users’ preferences.

For example, a customer likes cars and much of his research and information is consistent with this niche.

Marketing in this case should be focused based on preferences, after all it would be a “waste of time” to develop an advertising focused on boats and present it to a car enthusiast.

With Cloud Computing we can create a base capable of capturing various market preferences, all collected automatically and saved in an online database, as long as with transparent policies, and with prior authorization, different from those experienced recently by Facebook, in which created an alert on data collection worldwide and many platforms had to update their privacy policies.

The costs of this operation tend to be much lower than traditional marketing because it is not necessary all that “field research” to define what the user’s profile is on the network.

Economic issues

Of course, cloud computing has come for big companies to take on the “headaches” of a server that until a few years ago was the responsibility of “smaller” companies.

This generates savings not only in hardware and software, but also in time and investments in areas that have now become obsolete.

We hope that this article is the first step to open your eyes to the infinite horizon that Cloud Computing is bringing to the new technological market.

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