Cloud consulting and support, an inevitable need

The cloud came to change everything we know about infrastructure, software licensing and basically all services related to development and technology.

And in order to be able to better assess the needs of small, medium and large companies and business models, every company must also make an initial investment in the consulting and support sector for Cloud services.

Despite not being a technology that emerged yesterday, Cloud Computing is still “crawling” and being presented in the last few months to most companies, mainly those in Brazil. Everything still seems to be confused, like expressions, cloud models, available services, what is and what is not feasible, etc.

And it is in this “world of doubts” that the consultancy on Cloud enters. This service is dedicated to explain and apply what are the best options in the current market, in relation to your company.

For example, does your company best fit the Iaas, Paas or Saas cloud models? You don’t even know the meaning of these acronyms? Here on the One Cloud Solutions Blog, we have a dedicated article to explain how these systems of services marketed in the Cloud work, visit:

But it costs nothing to do a brief summary about each one and explain the importance of cloud management and support.

Brief summary of what IaaS, PaaS and SaaS is

IaaS: Also known as Infrastructure as a Service, this Cloud business model offers hardware contracting in the cloud, offering options for storage, processing, memories and other infrastructure-related services.

It is the main cloud computing model, where it basically eliminates the need for large investments in physical servers.

PaaS: The abbreviation for Platform as a Service or platform as a service, is used for application creation, maintenance and hosting needs. It is a platform suitable for developers, in which it meets all the programming needs of a company.

SaaS: The Software as a Service model is suitable for all those who use software such as Word, Excel, Fireworks and a good variety, where they only pay for their use and do not need to worry about purchasing and licensing the software.

And why hire a Cloud consultancy?

After this brief introduction about the different types of services offered by cloud computing, it is now necessary to define which will be the best option for your company or business.

Is it necessary even with the hiring of a cloud service, the creation of a physical structure in your company? How many dedicated employees are required to perform service maintenance? These and several other issues can be resolved after hiring a professional.

We even recommend that before taking any action on major changes in your industry, which are linked to technology, you choose a consultancy and check the need for support, so as not to spend unnecessary amounts.

Have you ever thought about your company spending a good amount on hardware and software and everything being obsolete in just one year? Or how about hiring a cloud service that will be “useless” for the purpose of your services? Consulting is very important in these cases and also to define the best commercial strategy for your company.

Cloud Support

Usually the companies that offer Cloud Computing services themselves have a support team to answer all your questions about the system sold.

Some, however, do not have support in Portuguese, which can cause some difficulty.

It is also important to check all the support conditions even before hiring, so when an emergency arises, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Even with the support of Cloud services, it will still be necessary to hire an IT professional to offer physical support in your company.

He will assess which will be the best place for the machines to work, cabling issues, energy and other options that need to be in full operation within your company, for a better use of the services contracted in the cloud.

So we quote the title of this article again: Consulting and Cloud support, an inevitable need!

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