Meet the G Suite Enterprise

Meet the G Suite Enterprise

Do you know G Suite Enterprise? Know that we at One Cloud Solutions are the official reseller of G Suite in Australia. Our professionals are certified on this platform (Partner G Suite Reseller) and are ready to answer all your questions and needs.

Here on the blog we are dedicating some articles to talk more about each version of this platform of office applications, knowing a little more about the main advantages of each version, prices and other information.

Today the subject is G Suite Enterprise.

What is G Suite Enterprise?

G Suite Enterprise is today the premium package for Google services. G Suite. The version has all the items of the basic and business plans, in addition to offering better control and customization of the environments for users, enhanced security and access to the G Suite Security Center, as long as you are the administrator.

For those who are looking for many office resources, data security, professional email and other applications for a company, Enterprise is certainly the best choice. It is primarily intended for larger companies, where there is a need for greater data organization, and G Suite will supply it.

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What is the price of G Suite Enterprise?

The Enterprise package is priced at $ 34 per monthly user or $ 408 (+ tax) per user in the annual plan.

The values ​​for all versions of G Suite will be adjusted in April, but the difference will be a few dollars.
What are the main advantages of G Suite Enterprise and differences from other versions?

The G Suite Enterprise features:

  • Gmail business email (Email @yourcompany);
  • Secure team messaging;
  • Video conference and voice call;
  • Shared calendars (share important meetings and events with your colleagues);
  • Documents, spreadsheets and presentations;
  • Application development environment with few codes;
  • Unlimited cloud storage (or 1 TB / user if you have less than five users, which is a lot too);
  • Smart search in G Suite with Cloud Search;
  • Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone, email and online;
  • Security and administration controls;
  • Archive and set retention policies for emails and chats;
  • G Suite security center;
  • G Suite data regions;
  • E-discovery feature for emails, chats and files;
  • Audit reports to track user activities;
  • Gmail data loss prevention;
  • Drive data loss prevention;
  • Analysis of Gmail records in BigQuery.
  • S / MIME hosted for Gmail;
  • Enterprise level access control with security key application;
  • Gmail integration with third party compliance filing tools.

In addition to the above options, G Suite Enterprise has the following advantages related to administrative controls:

  • The Enterprise provides an improvement in Google Drive security, where you can add an extra layer of protection. This way, you prevent your company from revealing personal and customer data to malicious people;
  • It is possible to evaluate email traffic in order to identify certain contents such as the CPF and CNPJ of customers and partners, credit card numbers and other applications that can be detected whenever they are used on the platform;
  • Image verification system for less loss of confidential data through scanned documents. The images are checked and the texts are identified;
  • It is possible to define a third-party archiving product where important emails can be detected and stored on the platform;
  • Personalized and advanced queries through Gmail records in BigQuery;
  • Enhanced security in emails through S / MIME encryption;
  • After configuring the platform and automating certain management tasks, whenever there is a suspicious action or event in the data and / or documents, a notification will be sent to the administrator’s mobile device, which will be able to assess what is happening practically in real time.

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G Suite One Cloud Solutions in Australia

If you want to purchase and guarantee support in G Suite Enterprise, Business and Basic in Melbourne or any other region in Australia, contact One Cloud Solutions by phone:

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