security issues why choose google cloud gcp

Security issues. Why choose Google Cloud?

Are you looking for a reliable company to migrate your projects to the cloud? How about choosing the services of nothing less than the tech giant, Google, and making sure you are in the best hands?

Google Cloud (GCP) is a branch of Alphabet focused on offering the most modern cloud services.

One of its highlights is in relation to security. Infrastructure has several benefits for those arrested for data protection, especially in these times when the LGPD (General Data Protection Law) is taking its first steps in Australia and regulators are already designing their actions to apply fines from 2020.

What is Hybrid Cloud?

Google Cloud Platform Security Benefits

GCP has a cloud infrastructure that does not depend on any other technology. Everything is protected through progressive layers that are capable of providing super-effective defence.

Some of the benefits available in the Google Cloud security issue include:

Device and operational security

Google offers its GCP customers the implementation and development of software in structures with very strict security practices. Operations are able to detect and respond to all threats to internal and external infrastructure, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Encrypted Internet communication

All communications made by the public cloud services are encrypted during your journey. Both the network and the infrastructure have several layers of protection that defend their projects from attacks by “denial” of service.

Authenticated users

Users and services on Google Cloud are authenticated with several factors. Access to confidential data is protected by advanced tools, which are especially resistant to phishing, the well-known security keys.

Encrypted storage

All data stored in the Google Cloud infrastructure is encrypted and distributed offering availability and reliability. The highlights are related to protection against service interruptions and also to unauthorized access.

Security apps

All applications running on Google’s infrastructure are deployed with a special focus on security. There is no prior trust between the services, but rather several mechanisms are used so that the system is fully protected, regardless of the time it has been used.

Differences between public, hybrid and private cloud!

Hardware infrastructure

Full protection and control are what reigns over the hardware infrastructure of Google’s cloud servers.

Both physical facilities and dedicated servers, custom security chips, network equipment and even low-level software running on your company’s machines, all offer standard Google security.

Google Cloud Data Centers

If there’s any place where Google’s safe, it’s your data centres. They have a layered security model, with personalized electronic access cards, gates with vehicle access control, alarms, metal detectors, perimeter isolation, biometrics and even laser monitoring.

Monitoring is carried out 24 hours a day, every day of the year, with access only for approved employees and specific positions. Today less than 1% of all Google employees have access to data centres.

Everything is watched 100% of the time, always prioritizing internal and external security of the environment.

Google Cloud + One Cloud Solutions

If your company wants to have quality service in the Cloud environment, count on One Cloud Solutions!

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