How to configure the GSUITE Email data migration service

How to configure the GSUITE Email data migration service

This is a must for anyone who wants to use the data migration service to migrate emails between G Suite accounts. The settings should follow a considerably easy order, but you need to be attentive to the details.

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You’ll first need to sign in to your Google Admin console account. Access:

Enter your G Suite account details. You need to enter your administrator account. It does not end with @gmail.

Then on your home page right after login, find the “Data migration” menu. You may need to click on “More controls” at the bottom of your panel.

Then you need to select the “E-mail” option on the panel and click “Continue”.

On the next “Email migration” screen, there are three options:

  • From the Migration source list, select G Suite;
  • In the Connection protocol list, select Automatic selection. This is the recommended option;
  • Enter the role account information for the old G Suite account. This information is the G Suite administrator email address and password.

After setting the options above, click on “Connect”. Then the data migration service should try to automatically detect the oldest G Suite account. Everything will be migrated automatically and you will no longer have to worry about this step.

In the “Migration start date and Migration options” step, you must accept the default options or delete data that is not interesting for this migration.

Then click on “Select Users”. The next step is to access the single-user or multi-user migration.

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Detection failed and now?

If detection fails, you need to verify that the connection protocol and role account information is indeed correct.

After this verification, just confirm that the G Suite configuration was done correctly and then click on “Connect” again.

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