Google Search Console for Business

Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, is now a service offered by the technology company to website administrators, whether they are in the personal, commercial or business category.

This web service is essential to assess the visibility of the website linked to it, as well as checking the current indexing status of the websites of companies and other users. From it it is possible to make corrections based on each of the proposals, which makes this service indispensable for those who want to have a quality website.

Service news

The renaming of Webmaster Tools for Google Search Console happened on May 20, 2015. And from January 2018, Google updated the platform with an improved version for all users.

The update is still in the process of adaptation and Google made a point of leaving the old version accessible so that at the sign of any doubt, it is possible to carry out the procedure as it was done previously.

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Google Search Console features for business

Search Console tools for business include:

  • Verification and definition of Googlebot’s crawl rate and statistics when accessing the site;
  • Sending and monitoring of sitemap, being possible to follow the evolution of errors and other problems until it is 100%;
  • Sending and editing a robots.txt file, where you can define which pages should or should not be crawled by the Google robot;
  • Evaluation of links where Googlebot had access difficulties, with a described error;
  • List of pages that mentioned the site, as well as internal backlinks;
  • Evaluation of the main keywords searched on Google that led to the company’s website. It will also describe all the data from the SERPs, including click-through rates, devices, dates and other fundamental information to define the best optimization strategy;
  • Definition of preferred domain for each site linked to Search Console. This will show which URL will be displayed in the Console reports;
  • Structured data elements (Schema, for example) are also displayed and used to improve the optimization of the corporate website;
  • Direct channel for receiving error messages and manual penalties from Google;
  • It is possible to downgrade certain links in search results. Those that must be discontinued or that do not have such a high priority, must be inserted through this tool;
  • Allows the creation of an API on listings, which include crawl errors;
  • Remove and / or add associates and owners in the web panel so that changes can be made;
  • Includes a dedicated section for mobile users, called Rich Cards;
  • It allows the evaluation of security problems in the sites associated with the Console account;
  • Among other reports that are fundamental to the development of the websites in the search engine.

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Search Analytics reporting features

The platform provides more accurate reports than others that may be associated with the site. All of them are updated periodically and provide recent information, which is essential for quick action against any problems.

There are also analytical reports on individual pages. It includes all links, impressions, permanence, click rates on expanded images (or not) and others.

In summary, the tool is fundamental to obtain all the data related to your company’s website, where through them it is possible to define a better SEO strategy, marketing and user experience.

For those who want to be part of Google Search Console just access the site:

Then click start now and start the registration process on the platform. Google still has a forum where virtually all questions about the tool are already resolved.

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