Google G Suite reseller certified

Looking for a certified Google Gsuite reseller? One Cloud Solutions in Melbourne has trained professionals to meet all the needs of your company when it comes to the platform of programs and applications for office.

We are Partner Gsuite and that means that if your company is looking to expand its business, by improving user communication and data sharing through G Suite, we can help you.

We are available to think the best solutions for your company. In addition, we provide subscriptions to the Basic, Business and Enterprise plans through an exclusive page on our website.

Your company can also contact us via email:

  • contact@
  • Or phone: 04 7265 0055

But what is Google’s GSUITE?

This is a package of services offered by Google that was formerly known as Google Apps. It offers several Google products for office routines in one package. Each package can be customized independently, always adapted so that it can work in the most professional way in your company.

Google Cloud ONE the new cloud storage service!

The whole concept of GSuite was developed by Rajen Scheth.

Among the applications and services offered within the Basic, Business and Enterprise packages are Google Calendar, Google Drive (Cloud Storage), Docs (Web applications for editing files), Gmail with customizable @, giving a more professional look to your email.

There are also options for presentations, videoconferencing, real-time sharing of documents, spreadsheets, texts, images and more. There are basic elements in all packages, but according to the chosen plan, each user will have more advantages and some differentials.

Today GSuite has a version that can be tested for 14 days, but with some limitations in the main requirements. However, we are sure that the facility that the system provides will be a key factor in choosing the subscription to one of the plans.

G Suite features for businesses

Through the administrative panel it is possible to access the G Suite Marketplace. There are several applications available, from which you can embody the user area, according to the needs of each organization.

Among the most used resources are:

Google Calendar. Receive notifications on your smartphone about the day’s appointments and other items that need to be remembered;

Professional Email. The @ of your Gmail can be personalized, that is, you will have a more presentable commercial email that demonstrates the seriousness of your business even in the smallest details.

Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. Make video conferences or calls with other users on the same network. With few clicks it is possible to hold meetings or deal with important matters with employees present in this system.

How to choose the best cloud company for your company?

Drive. This is Gsuite’s cloud storage. You will have a storage limit in the basic plan and the unlimited limit option * in the Business and Enterprise plans. In addition, within the Drive itself, users can share editable files through the browser.

Other key features are:

  • Google Cloud Search;
  • Documents;
  • Spreadsheets;
  • Forms;
  • Presentations;
  • Sites;
  • App maker;
  • Keep;
  • Admin console;
  • Vault and security of mobile devices.

So what are you waiting for? Discover all the advantages of being a G Suite subscriber today. Contact us!

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