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Would you like to have the best Cloud Computing experience in your company’s office routines? Google G Suite has the ideal tools to streamline your team and offers the latest in technology when it comes to cloud technology.

Have you ever thought about not having to invest thousands of dollars in computers for your office just to be able to run some specific programs?

Cloud technology has arrived to make life easier for the business world.

And if you are thinking of enjoying these technologies, nothing better than having someone who truly understands G Suite and Cloud, One Cloud Solutions!

Everything about Google Cloud Functions!

We are Partner Gsuite

One Cloud Solutions has certified professionals in G Suite, that is, we can evaluate your business and provide the best option in office routines for you.

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Why is G Suite a Cloud Computing experience?

In order to keep everything in perfect harmony, the G Suite was developed on the cloud platform, that is, all files, connections, documents, calendar and software are connected, allowing users who have authorization from the account administrator, to share of an online corporate environment, without the need to keep sending options by email or saving to physical drives for editing and sharing.

All of this makes a company’s processes faster. Not to mention that this experience with documents in the cloud can be accessible for much less than you think.

Starting at $ 8.40 per month, it is already possible to hire the G Suite Basic.

Cloud Computing Incentives and Difficulties!

Generally speaking, what is Google’s G Suite?

When this platform was still in development, it was known as Google Apps.

G Suite has several Google products that can be customized to meet your company’s unique exclusives.

The G Suite concept was developed by Rajen Sheth, who is also responsible for developing Chromebooks.

Among the main applications available are spreadsheet presentations, forms, admin console, website creation, security app for your mobile device, Google Docs, Google Drive for cloud storage, Google Calendar, Gmail with @ professional, Hangouts ( Chat and Meet) for real-time communication and more.

And in addition to all these facilities, we at One Cloud Solutions still offer several managed services, through training, communication plan, technical support, systems migration and other solutions.

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