Discover G Suite Basic

Discover G Suite Basic

Do you know G Suite Basic? One Cloud Solutions is the official reseller of the G Suite in Melbourne and the Australia. We have certified professionals who will meet all your needs based on this platform.

And to make you even more aware of G Suite and its service options, we will be dedicating a series of articles here on the One Cloud Solutions Blog to talk about each of its variations. Today the subject is G Suite Basic.

What is G Suite Basic?

This is the basic version of Google’s enterprise and collaborative productivity application packages. For those who are still learning to use the platform, Basic can provide a good experience at a very low cost.

This option offers shared calendars, professional email (@yourcompany), cloud document storage, online editing of office files, videoconferencing and some other resources for your line of business.

Signing in to the Gsuite Admin console.

What is the price of G Suite Basic?

The basic package is costing $ 8.40 per user per month.

However, these figures are due to be adjusted next April, but they are not expected to rise much.

The G Suite Basic package will offer your company users unique Google features like:

  • Hangouts: Service that allows videoconferencing through devices with an internet connection;
  • Drive: Using the most modern in terms of storage, all files of your company can be stored safely, also functioning as a backup for those interested. All of this is done in the Google cloud, being accessible from any device, as long as you are logged in.
  • Calendar: All of your company’s events, meetings and other appointments can be saved to Google Calendar and easily shared with others interested in your company.
  • Documents: Those responsible for preparing documents, presentations, spreadsheets, texts and other office functions, will be able to share updates and news with the rest of the team in real time.
  • Professional email: G Suite Basic also has a Gmail platform, but the email address will be professional, changing from being @gmail (or another free option) to @ This option makes everything better formalized.

Administrative staff or IT staff

In addition to the functions described above, G Suite Basic will also allow your company’s IT or administrative staff to manage and configure the accounts of all users through an Admin console, where the subscriber and account holder can provide permissions .

The team will also be able to control your company’s users’ access to available services and resources. It is possible to manage via mobile devices, completely remotely.

The platform also allows the control of trends through reports and audits, as well as 24/7 support, with a G Suite specialist willing to resolve your situation, as long as it is linked to the basic package .

How to configure the GSUITE Email data migration service!

G Suite One Cloud Solutions Melbourne

If you want to buy and guarantee G Suite support in the city of Melbourne and other regions in Australia, contact One Cloud Solutions by phone:

  • 04 7265 0055

And take all your doubts.

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