Discover G Suite Business

Discover G Suite Business

Have you heard of G Suite Business? So that you can learn more about this service platform for offices and other areas of your company, we have prepared this article that will answer your main questions about the Business package.

In Australia One Cloud Solutions is a company that has certified professionals on this platform. Count on us to start enjoying the benefits of the Google Business version.

What is G Suite Business?

The G Suite consists of three package options, Basic, Business and Enterprise. Therefore, Business is considered the intermediate version for small to medium sized companies.

It has all the features of Basic, plus unlimited storage, enhanced search, team drives, Vault archiving, advanced reports, drive activity alerts, security keys and additional policy control.

G Suite for Companies.

1. Unlimited storage*

Each of the users in your organization will have an unlimited amount of storage related to Gmail messages, files in Drive and also in Google Photos.

However, for companies with up to four active users, Business storage is limited to 1 TB, which is not bad either.

2. Enhanced search Google Cloud Search

With the Business package, users will be able to use Google Cloud Search to search for company documents in Gmail, Docs, Google Calendar and also other services offered by G Suite.

In addition to the survey, it is possible to receive information and suggestions through the assistance cards.

3. Team Drives

After inserting your company’s files into the Team Drives, all files can be used by the team and not just by a single user (the one who uploaded it).

This function is for those who come out of Drive, where the files will remain so that other members of the team can continue with the services that depend on these files.

4. Vault Archiving

With G Suite Business you will be able to enjoy Google Vault, which serves to archive, retain, export and even conduct a search on your company’s data, all based on the needs of e-discovery and compliance.

5. Advanced reporting

Business also allows advanced audits and reports to be made in Drive, where you can define alerts and APIs to keep devices secure.

Whenever something is compromised, a message will be sent to your smartphone device, where from there you can take appropriate action.

6. Drive activity alerts

As with advanced reporting alerts, you can customize alerts about any activity in Drive documents and files.

Example: when a document is edited, an alert is sent to you. It is possible to schedule alerts when documents are shared externally from the platform, among others.

Cloud Computing Incentives and Difficulties!

7. Security keys

Security is always welcome. With Business it is possible to implement and monitor several security keys in your company. Business allows you to purchase more security keys at a good discount.

8. Additional policy controls

With Business it is possible to place a limit on accesses and tasks performed by users. The package allows you to sync Drive files with local files on a specific computer. Sharing files and their editors outside your company with any user, as long as they are on your whitelist.

It is also possible to define Google file editors in “offline” mode. Open files in third-party web apps, provided they are installed through the Chrome Web Store and also using add-ons created by third-party developers.

What is the price of G Suite Business?

Today the Google service package is priced at $ 10 per user per month. But as of next April 2019, the values ​​must be readjusted.

G Suite Business in Australia

After checking all the information above and being willing to purchase G Suite for your company, know that it and all assistance can be done by One Cloud Solutions.

To answer your questions about this platform and contract the plan, please contact us through the following phone:

  • 04 7265 0055
  • Or email: contact@
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