What is Hybrid Cloud?

The Hybrid Cloud is a cloud computing environment that uses a mixture of premises, private, public and third party cloud. Allowing workloads to move between private and public clouds, just like cloud computing, there are some fees to do this. What is the advantage? Hybrid cloud gives companies more flexibility and more options for data deployment.

We have several examples of companies that can deploy a private cloud on-site to host critical or heavyweight work, but use a third-party public cloud provider, such as Google Compute Engine, to host less critical resources, test workloads and development can be placed in these public services.

To keep the customer focused on archive and backup data, a hybrid cloud can also use simple cloud companies.

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Some benefits of Hybrid Cloud

For many companies, hybrid systems have become a viable option to achieve the best of both public and private cloud storage solutions.

Although each cloud has its peculiarities, they remain connected to each other. This facilitates data and application of flexibility, keeping control of the company in your hands.

Of course, with the increased use of cloud storage comes the need for more space to store data. For many companies, having a data center in place can be expensive. However, cloud storage solutions also facilitate the use of data storage through “colocation” and other services.

Off-site hosting

A report recently made by companies in the United States describes the growth of the Cloud market, both for small and medium-sized companies and for large companies.

With the growth of the Cloud, the viability of this service has become increasingly competitive for the companies that provide this service and the Hybrid Cloud has yet to increase this competitiveness, and who wins are the consumer companies, after all, companies will have better values ​​offered by extreme quality services.

The recent research explained that the variety of options for companies can make it difficult to understand which way to go when looking for a data center.

The report states that this variety is aiding the consumer as the ability to host data off-site in cheaper locations is still able to provide a high standard of security.

Other great advantages that come from the cloud are listed – power, cooling, bandwidth and security – without having to pay fees for servers and storage. A user is able to host his own server.

In addition to the numerous advantages of having cloud storage, the hybrid cloud allows us to have several cloud companies, thus not leaving the company dependent on the company.

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