Office 365 what are the advantages?

That the cloud is the current reality we already know, but how to introduce in our day to generate value for the company, many managers have been breaking their heads.

Office 365 has come to help those companies that want to work in a cloud environment but are not yet sure of that. In this tool we have already managed to work 100% in the cloud, Office 365 has all the necessary tools for your company to take off in growth.

Several companies have suffered from the high cost of licensing Office tools, in addition they still have to worry about the amount of email, file servers, user administration, etc.

Today companies have an IT team just for this product management. However, small and medium-sized companies cannot have a sector within the company just to manage this. Focusing on cost reduction Office 365 comes to remove all that workload from an industry.

Cloud Backup.

Today it is common for companies to migrate to Office 365 and outsource IT support, after all it is the ideal measure for companies with up to 300 users. The investment in internal support and purchase of licenses and management makes it impossible for the operation to maintain an internal IT team.

Based on this we will the main advantages to migrate to Office 365:

Cost with Email server

From the Business Essentials plan of Office 365 the old problem with emails will be solved, after all Microsoft releases 50gb of storage for each user.

We know that the cost of a local email server or the price of a server in the cloud can cost close to the total value of the solution. In other words, with the acquisition of the essentials plan, you will have the full range of services available, plus emails for a small difference in maintaining these local files.

In addition to the cost per user being much lower than maintaining your own structure, the management of email users, backup and very simple compared to other structures. With the administrator profile you can do everything in an easy and intuitive way.

Cloud solutions for your business

Cost of licensing work tools

We know the high cost of licensing essential work tools, and we know that this cost is an investment that over time loses its value, because whoever invested in the 2013 package today is already very outdated, and does not have the option to upgrade without put your hand in your pocket.

In Office 365 you will always have the most current tools, the concern with the depreciation of the product will never exist. And best of all, if your structure grows or shrinks you can expand or decrease it according to your demand, this allows you to grow or decrease in the best way.

It was common for companies with 100 licenses to be using only 60 because there was a big reduction. How much does this cost the company?


We live in an era where hackers are encrypting and hijacking data, making it the financing of cybercrime, the investment that is necessary to prevent this from happening in your company is much greater than the investment in Office 365 and will not have the same security.

In fact, costs far outweigh your investment in Microsoft packages, and a major advantage is the constant updating of products.


How many times a file server has stopped, and hours of work have been lost due to a hard drive being burned. In the cloud everything is easier and simpler, your internet connection is ok, everything will be right, your sharepoint will not stop and your files have not mysteriously disappeared.

And as for hacker attacks, you can rest assured that Microsoft prepares for it every day, and your data and files are more secure there.

Increase in work income

The Office tool has everything your team needs. From editing tools to internal social network for the company, with chats and murals.

In addition to essential tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, the tool also has Tasks and Planner. All this integrating so that your team can have a higher performance.

Calendar will be integrated with all these tools, making life easier for employees. Managers will have a broad view of what everyone is doing, with graphs and reports in real time.

The team’s performance will be measured and increased from the assistant to the director, for the company, having this broad view is essential.

Operation cost reduction

With all these tools integrated, with increased performance, we are able to achieve the current and most famous with less, if there is a desire to make the team leaner and have a better view of the processes, Office 365 is the ideal choice for your organization.

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