Is your data protected in the cloud?

If I mentioned the cloud now and said that data protection is a big part of what cloud service providers offer, you can be suspicious and not believe it very much.

After all, the general perception is that the cloud is not completely secure and that data can be exposed, but that is not the case.

A report sponsored by Bitglass on the implementation of cloud solutions found that more than half of large companies and a third of small and medium-sized companies have delayed the implementation of cloud services due to security concerns and data protection.

How it works?

We realized that this is a lack of interest in how the cloud really works, and how secure it is today. As The Guardian cited in a recent article, “the lack of information that clearly defines the cloud environment and your organization may find it seemingly difficult to protect the sending of your data and keep it safe there.”

However, as more organizations are deploying the cloud and gaining greater awareness of the data protection challenges that exist, these fears are disappearing and more and more companies are moving towards such a viable solution.

And, as Network Computing has pointed out, data protection in the cloud era involves reviewing security policies and procedures like a fine-grained comb before proceeding.

3 Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration.

Questions you need to ask

Some of the specific data protection and security issues you can ask yourself are:

  • Who is accessing your data and how often?
  • What kind of data do you have in the cloud already?
  • How many people are in charge of protecting it?
  • As for visibility, what do you need for ongoing network protection?
  • Do you need a compliance risk factor to protect your assets in the cloud?
  • If you have answered these questions, and you think that your current data protection configuration is not correct, or you have been unable to answer these questions, it is time to consider what an IT service provider will help you with.

For all of this you need a great IT team, correct? Yes. But it will cost me a lot of money… No, after all, One Cloud as a service provider helps you with this, we offer this team at a fair price and much lower than having a team within your company totally focused on this…

Cloud Backup vs. Tape Backup.

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