How to choose the best cloud company for your company?

AWS, Azure or Google, what is the best cloud company for your business? Companies from Amazon, Microsoft and Google are among the three market leaders in the cloud computing industry. And so that you know a little more about each one, we have prepared this article with some of the main information.

Find out what is the main meaning of the cloud concept, which means the term Serveless, information about the export and import of files, data centers, average values that are charged by virtual machine and other functions about these three cloud giants.

Also check out the official websites of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud so that you have a personalized service on any doubts.

Cloud for your company, growing very fast!

What is the meaning of the cloud concept?

Cloud computing (cloud computing) is a concept that refers to the use of storage capacity, memory and also processing, through servers and computers that are connected remotely over the internet.

All functionality is done through servers, where the one who has the service can access the information and enjoy the benefits of it, in any region of the planet.

In the cloud there is no need to install software or save files. Everything is available over the internet, requiring only a basic computer to run the processes with just a few clicks.

The use of Cloud servers has become an increasingly common practice among companies, because in addition to the advantages of accessing information anywhere in the world, the service is more economical than a physical project within the company.

With the cloud, the entrepreneur does not need to invest in machines with high processing capacity, uses less energy, does not need a physical space in the company totally dedicated to the server, among several other applications that generate a budget deficit in the company.

Understand the term Serverless

Even today, many companies rely on physical servers that need maintenance and availability of an employee to be at the mercy of the machines on a 24-hour shift.

When one of these servers suffers some harmful variation, it is necessary that the technician dedicates a good time to put the central machine in order. It takes hours and even days to correct the flaws, causing several losses for companies.

It is based on the situation above that the term Serveless was created. Have you ever thought about not having to depend on a physical server located in your company, which needs constant maintenance and is still at risk of leaving your business down due to technical failures?

The giants Amazon, Microsoft and Google have been working hard to get these problems off the back of their company, with the Cloud Computing service.

Serverless architecture has been much sought after in recent years, precisely because of the headaches that a server provides in everyday life. With large cloud companies, you will only have to pay the rent for the service and not worry about anything else.

It must be remembered, however, that in some cases the most viable use is still the server itself. So hire an IT manager to check what your company’s real needs are.

Today’s top three cloud companies, Google, Microsoft and Amazon AWS

The three giants of the cloud storage world are investing heavily in new technologies to host the applications of the future and various services such as remote software management.

The serverless of these companies, currently have a language that ends up connecting all the available resources of the cloud through a panel easy to understand by their contractors.

Including the implementation and mapping of functions through Artificial Intelligence, it has been something innovative and very promising in the area, all to ensure the best experience with servers in the cloud.

Amazon, Google and Microsoft are three of the biggest companies that are struggling to host applications of the future, the ones they expect to be written into their serverless API and managed through their automation layer.

If platforms do what you want – and the new models are very general – they can be the simplest and fastest way to create your own multi-billion dollar web application. You write only the crucial bits of logic and the platform handles all the details.

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS was the first company to offer services in the cloud, where its history begins in 2006. It first provided specific storage services and then evolved into a virtual machine offering, based on the Xen system.

It is the current leader in service offerings, with a wide range for small, medium and large companies.

Amazon’s datacenters are altogether 42 available, of which they are well distributed around the world.

Regarding the prices of virtual machines, on Amazon we find monthly offers starting at US $ 4.32 * for machines with 1 processor (T2 Nano) and 512mb of memory, with hosting in the United States.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud applications in cloud services started in 2008. In 2013 the company started offering the Google Compute Engine service, where virtual machines are stored.

Because it took a while to enter this business, Google is behind Amazon and Microsoft in the current market, with a much smaller network of partner companies, but with its studies and advances, it intends to reach the top soon.

Google have altogether there are 6 datacenters.

Google’s smallest Virtual Machine, with a single processor and 0.6gb of ram, starts at $ 4.49 * per month.

Microsoft Azure

What attracts many companies to Microsoft Azure is the simplicity of its services. The offer that was inaugurated in 2010, offers its customers virtual machines with Intel platform that meet practically 100% of the market needs.

Azure has a great marketplace and specific services for each customer profile.

Azure has no less than 30 data centers available, the second largest in quantity, and is also spread across much of the world, including Brazil.

The great demand for Microsoft Cloud services is because customers can enjoy Office 365 on their machines, with the licenses already included. The company’s network of partners is also gigantic, which brings greater credibility.

Azure offers a more expensive service compared to its competitors, but the smallest virtual machine has a processor, 0.75gb of ram and a 20gb disk for its applications, in addition to Office.

Monthly accommodation in the US starts at $ 19.39 *.

* Values ​​for the first quarter of 2019.

VM export and import

All Cloud giants have specific export and import tools. Azure offers the service through PowerShell and the Site Recovery tool, where it is possible to migrate data already existing in other clouds to the Azure service.

Amazon and Google have a more basic system, where all import and export of virtual machines can be done through a command prompt on the contractor’s panel.

After this brief summary which one should I choose?

We advise that the choice is made by the IT professional you trust, only he will be able to inform you which is the best option for your company.

Some have more expensive support than others, the amount of GB of disk, processor, RAM, of the minimum virtual machine can be much greater than the real need of your company. That is why it is necessary to carry out a thorough evaluation that goes far beyond the values.

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