Cloud solutions for your business

In a recent survey, it was shown that despite almost 90% of respondents highlighting the positive cost and strategic benefits of adopting the cloud, more than half of respondents (56%) had not adapted or deployed any type of cloud service in their organization, and only 11% were extremely likely to deploy a cloud solution in the near future.

The evidence presented in this article is intended to demonstrate the opportunities for greater efficiency.

We will focus on one of the main incentives for companies to make the leap to the cloud – with a view to reducing costs.

In the recent survey that was conducted, CIOs were asked for their perceptions of the benefits of the cloud.

3 Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration.

Here’s what some of them said:

“I am hoping to reduce infrastructure costs. I will have the ability to activate server and storage at any time for development work instead of buying hardware that may not fit the purpose.”

“Cloud service makes sense both as a planning and low-cost tool as we are leveraging“ economies of scale ”ie a model. it will be cheaper than we manage it ourselves.”

“Secure Cloud Computing would allow us to pull out a number of legacy systems and applications to lower maintenance costs. Cloud Services means a reduction in capital costs of equipment and movement towards a more service-based IT model.“

What they observed

Respondents noted that in the initial phase they were able to see good value for money, mainly due to significantly less expenses on hardware and software maintenance.

They also noted the increase in savings that came from reducing labor costs, making implementation easier and faster.

In addition to the implementation, the interviewees found that modifications, new modules and tailor-made developments were completed more quickly and cheaply.

With a cloud solution in place, respondents typically reported ongoing operational cost savings, as they were able to save on work, training, maintenance and support costs.

Although network costs went up due to the increase in traffic and bandwidth during demands, respondents in general agreed that this was insignificant compared to the savings that were generated.

Ultimately, these organizations saw a 30% annual reduction in IT expenses and on server management personnel, a 30% decrease.

Two reasons for your company to migrate to the cloud

“A major advantage that cloud computing solutions offer is that they are scalable, flexible and sensitive to change, thus allowing companies to be more agile.

Essentially, cloud solutions scale easily without the significant financial investments needed to purchase and maintain infrastructure “.

There is a significant decrease in operating costs with reduced energy consumption, lower IT systems management costs, reduced risks caused by delays, lower support and maintenance costs and, potentially, reduced demand for center resources of data.”

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