Cloud Backup vs. Tape Backup

Data and files are essential within a company and their protection is a very important factor for the progress of processes and activities.

Hundreds of information, documents and records enter, transit, leave and are saved every day and losing any one of them can mean stops, failures and business interruptions, not to mention the huge headache that the loss of data from any customer or supplier Can generate.

Therefore, the best solution is to backup this information, a guarantee that, in the event of an accident or disorder, your data can be recovered and activities continue to follow.

Cloud backup and tape backup are options considered by corporations to ensure the security of their files, however one of these services may be a better choice.

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Cloud solutions can be simpler, faster and more efficient than tape solutions such as specialized tape companies. Let’s see the reasons:

Data collect

A data collection by a company that provides backup to tape, demands some complications and difficulties. It is necessary for a representative or technician to go to the company and collect the files and transfer them to the media, so the designated time ends up being very long and the risk of human error is greater.

In addition, according to the criticality of the logistics of each corporation, the collection of this data needs to be monthly or even daily and the degree of difficulty and the work that activities thus generate is excessive and the costs are higher.

A cloud strategy allows data to be collected using software. A technician is responsible for performing the parameterizations and programming the backup routines, after that, the collection starts to be done in an automated way, as scheduled.

There is no need for anyone to be assigned to handle such a solution on a regular basis, the risks of human error are practically nil and the costs are lower.


Data saved on tape must be transported to the location where it will be stored. The specialized company sends a vehicle that takes care of the displacement and that demands handling and generates several risks.

We know what traffic is like in big cities, this transport can be very time-consuming, if the company needs to retrieve information, due to an accident, the time for this to happen can be much longer.

How long can an institution stay with its activities interrupted? The impact that delay can have is enormous. Not only that, vehicles are always subject to accidents, whatever they are, that way, your data is always at risk, media can be easily damaged.

With an automated structure, no transport is necessary and files are accessible for recovery at any time, quickly and effectively, without major inconvenience and without long business stops, as well as the absence of physical risks.


Companies that do this storage, that provide tape data storage solutions, need a large physical location to maintain and conserve media with each customer’s files.

The cost of maintaining such a place is large and this impacts the cost to the customer. This also reflects on the security of maintenance and care with information, as it provides a very large margin for damage to the media and loss of content, improper storage can cause major problems.

With its cloud solution, it guarantees the storage of your company’s data in the most appropriate and redundant way, so that nothing is lost along the way.

With data centers that take up less space and are properly maintained, customer costs are lower.

Physical storage can generate several problems and inconveniences that a cloud solution is able to avoid, your data will be free from major and unnecessary risks.

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