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Google One arrives to replace paid Drive plans

Google has been announcing changes to Google Drive storage services since 2018 with the arrival of Google One. But the definitive changes to all paid Drive plans are only being upgraded as of August 28, 2018, when the technology giant officially announced the launch of the Google One service in Brazil.

The new tool will replace paid Drive plans, where free plans up to 15GB will not be changed and users can rest assured about the data stored on the platform.

According to the company, Google One is a more simplified storage plan, with additional values ​​and benefits over the old option. Even the available storage space will be from 100GB up to 30TB in all of Latin America, being a great opportunity for companies that perform or intend to perform data storage in Cloud units (cloud) instead of investing in physical hardware and subject to damage.

Comparison of prices between Google Drive and Google One in 2018

  • For 100GB packages on Drive the amounts charged were $ 6.99 and on One it will also be $ 6.99;
  • For 200GB packages, Drive did not have this option. In One, this intermediate plan between GB and TB will be starting at $ 9.99;
  • For 1TB packages, the Drive cost $ 34.99. One will no longer have this option, going straight to 2TB;
  • For 2TB packages, in Drive the amounts charged were $ 69.99. On Google One, these values ​​start to cost $ 34.99, the same value as the 1TB of the old Drive;
  • For 10TB packages, in Drive the values ​​were a little lower, starting at $ 349.99. In Google One the values ​​for this plan will be from $ 360;
  • For 20TB packages, Drive offered plans starting at $ 699.99. In One, the values ​​change to $ 720;
  • Already the plans of 30TB that in Drive cost $ 1049,99, change to $ 1080 in the change proposed by Google.

Other changes with the migration from Google Drive to Google One

Now on Google One, you can share storage plans with family members. The Drive did not allow sharing, however it is now possible to place up to 5 people on the same plan, where each member will be entitled to a% of all storage capacity. Payment will continue to be made by only one person in charge, but all those selected will be able to enjoy the services.

One will also allow exclusive access to platform specialists (24 hours a day) to answer the main questions of its users.

Throughout the subscription period for the plans, Google One users will also be able to benefit from bonuses and prizes such as hotel offers and also credits on the Play Store. However, it is very likely that in the coming months other benefits will be included in the platform.

All paid Google Drive plans will have an automatic upgrade to Google One in the coming weeks, with an update in storage capacity as well as values. However, the company cites that the changes will have no effect on corporate clients of the G Suite platform.

The arrival of Google One came to improve the company’s services in the constant growth of cloud platforms and also in the Cloud services that are being offered by Microsoft with Azure. Currently a 50GB Azure plan is starting at $ 1.99 and the 1TB is priced at $ 9.99, which is much lower compared to Google’s top plans.

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