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Client-server para Nuvem

Challenges for those who did not start on the Web

Most companies that exist today started in a primitive environment, developed ERP solutions and these companies depend on that, they need to migrate, but each ERP is personalized and now what they will do?

We know these ERP existing before the Cloud since everyone uses their desktops and has a big “CPD” (data centres) to run the applications, where they have high management of the intern resources. Now everyone understands the benefits of Cloud, but have fear to move their applications, and when they have the courage they don’t know how to migrate.

Solução de Nuvem Completa

Migrate to a Cloud Solution

Re-Develop or Rewriting an application is almost impossible in a short time. Try to rewrite your application entirely sounds a bad idea, you will expend a lot of money and the results probably will go slower than you imagine.

One Cloud Solutions started to help a lot of companies to migrate their systems, and now we have the expertise to migrate applications quickly, and you can use the migration to offer for your customers, and increase your profits.

Now you can discover how to go to the cloud in hours, implement in days and stay there for life.

Nowadays we can migrate your application in hours with your database and users configured, no more complex and huge budgets to do all of this.
We will prepare your infrastructure to run, and you just need to sell your application. Tell to your customers that you have an application in a cloud environment, safe and scalable.

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Fast Deploy

With One Cloud Solutions, we will help you to deploy your applications fast. No servers, no hundred engineers, no dramas.

Scalability and safe

Your customer is tired to invest in servers, licenses, firewalls, IT team, backup, etc? Now you have One Cloud Solutions to eliminating all those headaches.

Less costs with support

You don’t need a big team to support the infrastructure environment. Everyone in the IT field knows that the customers love to take a desktop and use as a server and all problems start, and they complain about your application not about their environments.

Increase profits with new features

You can move your customers to the cloud, makes everyone happy and earn money.

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