Nowadays we hear “Digital Transformation” more than our names, but what this exactly means?

Here in One Cloud Solutions, we believe that the Digital Transformation started in 1703 when Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz explained the concept of digitalization, he developed a numerical system using only two values, 0 and 1 .

So this term is not as new as you thought?

Sometimes the concepts are created and we expend a lot of time to implement them. More than 310 years after Gottfired presented the concept we still work on “Digital Age”.

You are not late for transformation. Technology is fast, and your company can’t follow them in the real time.

This means that you can make your digital transformation, but if you don’t have the knowledge about the last technologies and don’t have hands to implement it, you’ll lose money, scalability and security in your business. 

Without further ado, One Cloud Solutions have a highly skilled team, with certifications in the last technologies, and experience through the many years changing companies.

Now the time is going to be Cloud, but just go to the cloud?

In the Cloud, you’ll need to use some technologies to transform your company:

  • Collaboration tools (G Suite, Office 365);

And after that, we need analyse case by case, and see what we can use in your company:

  • Data Analytics;
  • AI and Machine Learning;
  • API Management;
  • Hybrid and Multi-cloud;
  • Identity;
  • Serveless Computing;
  • Containers;
  • IoT.

Our Consulting will help you to implement and decide the best technology solutions focusing on reducing costs, increasing agility and standardizing processes.

Digital Transformation with One Cloud Solutions is the best for you, and best for your business.

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